Sunday, June 15, 2014

Intellectual Dishonesty Is Tiresome

It may look like I'm being really mean and nasty to this Will Duffy, but you have to understand that our relationship started off decently well. He (wrongly) calls himself an abolitionist and all that, likes talking theology, etc. OK, cool. But he is a open theist. So we debated that here and there, but what I've noticed from him and others in his little FB clique is that they do not care enough to learn. This is like the tenth time we've been around this same discussion. It is a waste of time to actually answer his questions again so I started asking him to demonstrate that he actually cares enough to engage with some measure of intellectual honesty. Sadly, it would appear that he does not care enough to do that.

Note that while I am trying to get away from the moniker "Calvinist", it will take some time to root out of my every day vocabulary. When you see me say "Calvinist", just substitute "regenerational monergist". 

Will Duffy The Calvinist doctrine of grace is not love at all. It's more like the equivalent of rape.
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Rhol Ogy Count on Will Duffy to say stupid things and lies. Like clockwork.
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Will Duffy That's not very substantive Rhol. Rape is when a man forces himself on a woman and does not allow her to resist. The Calvinist doctrine of grace is quite similar. God forces Himself on you (arbitrarily I might add) and does not allow you to resist His grace.

Not sure why you think I was lying and not sure why you think what I said was stood, but you're free (at least in my view of God) to refute the argument at hand.
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Rhol Ogy God doesn't not allow the person to resist.
And rape is sin. It is wicked. When God saves a person, it is the best thing that could happen to them. He sets them free. You should know better, because you seem smart, but your intellect is clouded by sin, so you end up saying foolish things quite often.
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Rhol Ogy As for substantive, hows about you refute my article about open theism sometime, Will? You haven't even tried. So I LOL at your accusation. Pathetic. 12 at 2:13pm · Like · 1

Will Duffy //God doesn't not allow the person to resist.//

Really? What is "irresistible grace" then? Once God regenerates a person, can they choose to reject His grace? Yes or No?
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Rhol Ogy You speak so confidently like you know Calvinism well; go ahead and answer for me and we'll see how well you do.
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Will Duffy That's just a game. I'm not interested in that.
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Rhol Ogy I know. You have your pet things, and when someone challenges you for real, this is how you act. Later.
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