Saturday, October 06, 2007

My absence

I apologise for leaving comboxes high and dry. I was out of town for a conference and was not able to post a "sorry, will be gone this week" notice.
Attendance at said conference has left me with a lot of things to think about and not a little discouragement. Please feel free to deal with whatever posts and/or comments of mine you want to; I doubt I'll be engaging them within a week minimum. I guess this would best be called a small hiatus for now. Thanks for your patience. And any prayers are appreciated.


chooseDoubt said...

Hi Rhology,

Obviously there's not a chance of a prayer from me, which won't make any difference since prayers do not work. But I have read that you are troubled and thought I'd let you know that even us atheists hope you feel happier soon.

Let me know when you've selected the book for me.

All the best,


Odysseus said...

Well, I'm Catholic, but I'll pray for you.

Fr. David said...

Betcha never thought the first people to respond to this would be an atheist, a Catholic, and an Orthodox.

You're in our prayers, and your name's on the list over the Gifts for this Sunday, FWIW.

Carrie said...

Geesh, I can't leave you to this group! (funny observation by David).

Praying/thinking of you. Hope you are feeling a bit better - will there be a story to come?

Glad to see you commenting again at Beggars All - I love your combox style!

Rhology said...

Thanks to all.

Oh, I don't know if it's worth a story, really. Maybe a short one.