Saturday, October 08, 2011

Me on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast

I haven't actually listened to the recording yet so I can't vouch for its quality, but it was an interesting time at least.

I would not give myself a top grade for my performance, but given the 6-to-1 odds, I think I did about as well as perhaps I should expect. It was my first podcast, anyway, and in my experience it was different talking with people over Skype than it is in face-to-face encounters. Perhaps the novelty of the experience will give way to more familiarity with enough practice, but it was certainly different.

I'd like (God willing) to write a longer review later, but suffice it to say at this time that though the FF podcasters used some TAG-related verbiage and tried to turn the TAG back on me, they not only failed to do so but also continued to misunderstand how TAG relates to the consistency of one's worldview. At key points in the conversation this can be heard clearly, especially in the mocking tones of Jim.
I recommend the uncut version for those who aren't faint of heart. If you're interested in listening to it, three things to remember:
1) These are atheists and their language got quite rough there toward the end.
2) When you hear the Jim sort of erupt there at the end, I was both smiling and saddened by his response. There was obviously nothing to be gained by trying to cut in there, so I just let him hang himself with his own hatred.
3) I don't yet know how my voice will sound since I was talking into a mic built into the top of my netbook. I may well sound like I was yelling, but I didn't mean to. I had noise-dampening headphones on, and I was talking at a computer, so that didn't help my voice retain a low volume.

Enjoy, anyway. Comments are welcome, both friendly and unfriendly. I recognise there is a great deal of room for improvement.
While I believe I more than held my own, I recommend the previous show with SyeTenB and Eric Hovind to hear a more thorough thrashing of the FF podcasters' position.
The show (edited)
Uncut version

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