Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing interesting.

It's another day in Kikai and I'm trying to think of a good way to take up some space.

First, a hat tip to Kyle for teaching me how to post several pictures at one time. I hope it'll work on this entry!

OK, so the pictures:
1) Me playing guitar at Sabani bar in Kikai on like 2 January or something. Had a good time, got to play a nice guitar. Discuss. Actually, I think I'll accept the invite to play again there - I keep having these ideas for songs I should practice and then play there, so I'll do it as long as I have ideas.
2) Kaki and Aubrey in front of a restaurant called Hana No Ren (which means "Flower Curtain") on Kaki's last night w/ us. We had a good time fellowshiping for the time she was here. Thank you Kaki for coming and thank You Jesus for calling her to come!
3) Us inside of Hana No Ren, and a big dead octopus is on the counter. We just thought the octopus was cool/weird/crazy-that-it-was-
the-counter and all... so we took a pic.
4) & 5) Pics of us eating at Tokumoto-san's house on 3 Jan w/ his daughters, w/ whom we have really hit it off. Hanako is at university so we've only met her thrice, but Naoko is still living at home, goes to the high school, so we see her alot. They're really fun and Aubrey and Kaki both loved hanging out w/ them.

Today a friend showed me a few empty houses that the Dept of Education owns in our town. We're going to ask w/in the next coupla days for a move to a bigger place. Hopefully that will work out. Don't have any idea if it'll work though.

Still have received no information from JET as to whether I have an interview in Houston for trying to be a JET next year. Can't believe it's taking this long - I'm just a TAD frustrated.

OTOH, I sent some money orders made out to Aubrey's name to my parents via the Japan Post Office and then realised I should have made them out to my mom's name. So I thought I was going to have to go thru a big process of getting them back, voiding them, and reissuing them - a big hassle and an expense. But praise God it went thru no problemo - I'm really surprised and glad!

Nick the JET from the nearby island Amamioshima is here in Kikai for 4 days, so we hung out w/ him and the 3 HS English teachers tonight. Tomorrow night is a taco party at our house w/ tacos and Chinese spinach salad. Yes, I do realise that we're having Mexican and Chinese food at the same time and that that's kind of weird.

Moving on...
I would like to note w/ sorrow the passing of New Testament Research Ministries' regular blog and also bulletin board forum. Both were a great source of encouragement, knowledge, and help in my spiritual life and I will miss them. May the Lord provide others of His servants to fill the gap!

Aubrey is sitting in the living room working on a Japanese language test. As a JET, she has access to a certain curriculum written by JET and so periodically sends in a written test for grading and evaluation. She wants to do well on it for personal satisfaction, and I hope she is concentrating well. She knows the stuff - it's just a matter of putting it down in the right place (and sometimes for us, it's a matter of putting it all in the right order).

Now I'm gonna call it a night. W/o further comment. Except for that last one.

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T*ny and R*se said...

Wow! It's cool to see all those pictures.

Any idea when you'll learn about that interview in Houston and whether or not it's happening?

If not, what would that mean?