Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Abortuary Deathscorts: How Do Their Families Justify This?

*Editorial Note: Pulpit & Pen continues in unrepentant sin and enabling of the ongoing sin of Jordan Hall. While it is my understanding that P&P does not plan to take down the content I contributed, any role I can play in reducing their traffic until they repent, I will. Thus I migrate this article here. 

The Gestapo furnace escorts had families, too…and I’m sure their families were proud of the men (and women) they became. I can hear it now: “Just got mixed up with the wrong crowd. It was all their superiors’ faults that they ended up, you know, facilitating the murder of thousands of Jews. Little Heinrich was such a good boy. Everyone loved him. And besides, you know, those Jews, I mean, of course they didn’t all deserve to die, but they sorta had it coming anyway…”
We at Pulpit & Pen brought you the continuing story last week of police officers in Norman, OK working as deathscorts at the child sacrifice center run by Baby-Murderer-In-Chief Larry Burns, not only taking blood money to help secure the premises from violent incursion, but indeed offering moral aid and comfort to the murderous parents, boyfriends and husbands, and grandparents that partronise this altar to Molech, and doing so in official police regalia and using official police cruisers.

The plot thickened when the Abolitionist Society of Norman coordinated exposure efforts with Pulpit & Pen to call attention to the police support of this ongoing atrocity, specifically Lt. Jeff Robertson of Norman PD. One Cynde Robertson, a resident of Noble, OK, just to the south of Norman, happened across the post and jumped in of her own free volition to defend her deathscort rent-a-cop brother Jeff Robertson.

I wish I were in a position to say that the churchianity lingo that flowed forth so liberally from her keyboard is unusual, almost unique. Sadly, it is all too common, whether online or in an evangelistic/apologetic/polemic context on the street or at the abortion mill. Churchgoing people say these things all the time. Just expect it.


So, what do we have here?
-The deathscort rent-a-cop is a Christian and serves an Awesome God
-We will all be judged
-It is slander and hatred to reveal the truth about what this officer does while off-duty and wearing badge, uniform, equipment, and full paraphernalia and driving a marked police cruiser
-Nobody will be judged for killing babies
-If we were really repentant of our sins, we would not judge others
-God is the only judge that matters


This guy gets it. But alas, the level of biblical literacy required even to make a snappy and accurate meme is lacking in the vast majority of American churchianity settings, whether a pew-sitter or an employee of the religious service provider church.

Cynde was not content to let it rest there. No, this was no drive-by discomfiture, no mock walk.

Cynde4Cynde6Cynde7 Cynde8

Of course, what we encounter with a biblical neophyte wouldn’t be complete without a citation of Matthew 7 (though to her credit and surprisingly enough, she didn’t end the citation with verse 2), some statements judging us for judging others because she judged that judging others is bad so we are placed under her judgment for placing someone under our judgment, a gripe that nobody’s perfect so we shouldn’t care about holiness or obedience, a reminder that God is bigger than things that are smaller than God, and an admonition not to stone anyone to death unless we ourselves have achieved sinless perfection. I suppose we can all stand amazed that the word “Pharisee” never appeared in that thread and that “pharisaical” showed its pretty little face only once.


So, you see, the real bad guys here are those abolitionists who give up much to stand in freezing temperatures for hours so as to try to turn people back from the slaughter, proclaim the law of God and the good news of Jesus Christ, and rescue those being taken away to death. The baby killer himself, his staff, the murderous parents, the pressuring boyfriends and grandparents, the complicit friends, the rent-a-cops paid in blood money? They’re all good people. You don’t know their story. You don’t know where they’ve been. Who are you to judge them?

Take a time machine back 70 years and make the same defense of a Gestapo guard who killed Jews. Hey, it’s not like Jews were human beings. Why are you so mean and judgmental? He was just following orders. He didn’t actually gas Jews himself. All of the same arguments work perfectly. That should bother you.
Pulpit & Pen has been given information that indicates that Cynde Robertson and her brother Jeff Robertson, spiritual descendant of the Gestapo furnace escorts, attend religious services performed by, and Cynde let us know in the thread she attends those services every Sunday as does Jeff. Cynde was also kind enough to reveal to the world that she is a Level / Thrive brand promoter, so if anyone would like to do business with someone who defends modern-day Gestapo because don’t judge other people, feel free to give her a call.

One might also ask Pastor Clark Mitchell of what he thinks about these sorts of people taking up seats at his light-and-fog worship experience weekend rigmaroles. Does he care? Does he even know who they are? (We all know the answer to those questions. They’re just rhetorical.)

At some point, you sort of run out of words to say. Maranatha.

Monday, December 21, 2015

These Bible Belt Police Ignore Their Oaths and Oppress the Innocent

*Editorial Note: Pulpit & Pen continues in unrepentant sin and enabling of the ongoing sin of Jordan Hall. While it is my understanding that P&P does not plan to take down the content I contributed, any role I can play in reducing their traffic until they repent, I will. Thus I migrate this article here. 

Pulpit & Pen called your attention last week to the situation at the child sacrifice center in Norman, OK, where the city’s police department has, in a very real de facto sense, renounced the oaths they have taken to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law and to protect and serve the innocent.

Multiple readers contacted Norman PD to complain that the department allows their officers to accept off-duty assignments to provide security services at the baby-murder mill, paid for in blood money from the hand of the serial murderer himself, Larry Burns. We reproduce here a written response from Norman PD about that blog article:
Forward: Here Is a Statement from the Norman Police Dept. about your Blog:
We do have officers who have secondary employment at the business spotlighted in this article. This business is operating in accordance with state and federal law. Our job and the oath all officers take does not allow us the freedom to pick and choose which lives we protect. Whether individuals share the same beliefs or not, we are obligated to protect those who feel threatened. Our role in this case is to protect lives and property and keep the peace as provided by law. This obligation, under the law, is neutral and objective. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
As if that weren’t bad enough, the situation has actually worsened. Later in the week, abolitionist sidewalk counselors observed police officers
  • warmly welcoming and shaking hands with the abortionist and his wife (who assists him in his serial murder)
  • holding a visible police presence in official (taxpayer-provided) police vehicles with standard markings
  • escorting abortive customers from their car to the doors of the abortion mill and then
  • escorting them from the door of the mill back to their car
Obviously, these official claims to neutrality and objectivity are bogus and false. But wait! There’s more!

You see, a police officer’s secondary employment has absolutely nothing to do with obligations under the law. Contrary to the implication of the department’s communiqué, no officer is obligated to moonlight in his police uniform. Of course, some law enforcement officers take second jobs directing traffic during rush hour at office buildings or church buildings or run security at movie theaters, yet here they are acting like it is their official sworn duty to moonlight for the child sacrifice center. Further, they are acting as if they have no right to exercise discretion when it comes to where their marked police cruisers are driven and what their officers actually do while driving those cruisers and wearing the uniform though off-duty.

This author inquired about this matter to the Norman PD. Their principal answer was that if they approve officers’ requests to run security at private businesses like movie theaters when they are off-duty, they cannot discriminate against other legal businesses when they request an off-duty police presence. This attitude seems to be shared by the Tulsa Police Department, where no less than a captain frequently provides visible security and assuages consciences with the best of the deathscorts in front of the Tulsa child sacrifice center. Yet in a previous phone call to Norman PD, which this author tried and failed to record, an exception was stated – an officer would not be allowed to work security at a place like a bar, where a conflict of interest could easily arise, in the case for example where a minor attempted to buy alcohol.

Conflict of interest, eh? You mean like when the police are supposed to protect and serve the innocent and uphold the Constitution, and yet are held under lesser laws to NOT protect the innocent when those innocents are still in the wombs of their mothers?

But no, that’s not a conflict of interest, because the lesser magistrates are violating the Constitution and worse, the law of God, by declaring it legal to murder children. It is not a conflict of interest because Norman PD hath declared, defined, and proclaimed thus.

Around timestamp 3:50, the police lieutenant on the phone says, “They try not to get into issues such as this one way or the other.” We have news for them – they have indeed taken a side, and that side is against the God of the universe and against the precious tiny humans who are dying in their city every week. They ARE picking and choosing what lives they protect. This official Norman PD statement asserts that the unborn ARE NOT lives that should be protected. These men and women have not learned from the lessons of history. Law enforcement agents used to take money from slaveholders to infiltrate the North, re-kidnap escaped slaves, and forcefully return them to their slavemasters, where their subsequent fate was usually worse than the first. Law enforcement agents complying with the law and often pretending neutrality stood guard at the gates of and inside Auschwitz and Buchenwald. They were “just doing their jobs”. They were “just obeying orders”. History has judged them. God has judged them.

Psalm 1:1-2 – How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers! But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night.
Psalm 2:1-6 – Why are the nations in an uproar and the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us!”
He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. Then He will speak to them in His anger and terrify them in His fury, saying, “But as for Me, I have installed My King upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

We are not critiquing them for responding to reports of break-ins or armed incursions at the death mill. Those are illegal and indeed wicked activities, and if we observed them in progress or saw evidence of it after the fact, we would alert the authorities. But this goes further than that they are not obligated to do what they do outside the mill during off-duty hours. They are obligated not to do it, and the department should not support the serial murderer Larry Burns or his enterprise, and should not pretend neutrality. The authorities should be actively hostile to this wicked business operating under the auspices of legality. Let the chips fall where they may. This rebuke certainly goes for Officer Neelon Greenwood.

But the developing situation with Lieutenant Jeff Robertson is more complex and more obviously objectionable.

Last week, this author was pleading for lives on the sidewalk in front of the death mill and trying to live Christianly in a culture that murders babies. Lt. Robertson was busily working against the witness of the Gospel under color of law. Here you can see how that all went down, and how “neutral” and “objective” he is.

Yep, that’s right. Because this author sacrifices sleep, time, comfort, and resources to plead for lives, offer assistance out of my own pocket, proclaim the Gospel, and beseech people to walk with me in repentance, I am “more self-righteous than anybody (he’s) ever met”, “a jerk”, and “out there shaming people”. This from a “neutral” and “objective” uniformed police officer, driving a marked, official police cruiser, serving as the equivalent of an SS guard at a Nazi death camp, berating and slandering a taxpaying citizen under color of law, behind the badge, in an officially approved capacity.

May we all, like this author, beg the God of mercy to cleanse us from all self-righteousness and evil speech and behavior toward others. May it not be true. May we examine ourselves. I invite you to examine me. Here is a long conversation from only two days before at the same child sacrifice center.

Here’s another from two months ago. Many more at my YouTube page. Judge for yourselves whether Lt. Robertson’s accusations ring true.

The Norman Police Department, rather than repenting when proven in sin, is doubling down. May the Lord bring them to repentance and, if not, may He destroy them to His glory in His time.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kill The Infidels?

A friend asked my thoughts on this article by one Chuck Baldwin. Its beginning and middle are of pretty poor quality, but toward the end it starts to improve.

--Muslims aren't "a people".  Islam is a religion. Its adherents could be any ethnicity.
What binds Muslims together (to the extent that they are indeed bound together, which is not a whole lot when you think about all their wars between Muslims throughout history and the present day) is Islam, which styles itself as a complete system of LIFE and RELIGION and (get this) GOVERNMENT.
Thus I'd actually argue that Islam is very plausibly an inherently anti-Constitutional force, intrinsically devoted to the destruction of the American republic.

--Why is it bigotry or hatred to say that we need to control immigration better or close it off, as Trump says? Such Baldwin asserts, but doesn't argue for. I think that sort of language is at best sloppy and at worst really biased.

--He claims people are in a frenzy. Where are the resultant shootings of Muslims in the USA? Come now. That's just hysterical language. Sounds to me like the one in a frenzy is him.

--I watched the footage of Cruz's heckling, and while I wouldn't say he "stormed off stage" (the dude is a politician. Come on), it still wouldn't surprise me if he held a poor understanding of how the USA ought to relate to Israel. But I don't see how that connects to the previous paragraphs in the article or why I should care all that much.
(Note I'm not saying I agree with all that Cruz said in the video. The heckling seems to have begun with "Christians have no greater ally than the Jewish state." The hecklers were right to object to that sort of statement.)

--Baldwin seems upset about Cruz's action, contending that "These were Christians who are being persecuted by Muslims and Jews".
1) What makes Baldwin think that THESE particular Christians were persecuted by Jews? Is there some sort of mass Christian refugee exodus from Israel of which I am unaware?
2) If I were a Christian in the Middle East I'd much prefer Israel's "persecution" to the mass rapes and massacres that ISIS is perpetrating. It is disappointing that Baldwin would equate the two situations.

--Baldwin asks "Mr. Cruz, are you standing with Israel when it stoned Stephen to death in Acts 7?" What an amazing statement.
1) That wasn't Israel. It was the Sanhedrin.
2) Lots of Jews became followers of Messiah. Why aren't they the ones Baldwin calls "Israel"?
3) Stephen was part of "Israel", being himself Jewish. (In fact, since he had faith in Messiah, he was part of the true Israel as well as being Jewish by blood.)
4) There is an enormous difference between the Jewish people of the 1st century and modern Israel.

--Baldwin claims "As justification for their bigotry and hatred, Christians love to quote passages from the Koran that speak of jihad against “infidels.” But, it never ceases to amaze me that these same Christians seem to have never read the Jewish Talmud."
It is very difficult to know how the Talmud is at all pertinent.
The quotations he provides are not even analogous to the usual citations from the Qur'an, which seem to a great many people to be prima facie, unqualified incitements to violence against unbelievers. These Talmudic quotations are not anything similar.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Police in Uniform Paid as Abortion Mill’s Jackboot Thugs

The badge. The thin blue line. The good guys. The city’s finest.

This is what often comes to mind when one thinks of law enforcement, police officers. One thinks of those who took an oath to protect the innocent from criminals and to uphold the rule of law. Of those who show up to help when you dial 911 (with apologies to our friends in Canada or overseas). Of the Constitution and justice.

What do we make of it when law enforcement officers violate their oaths in the most egregious and disgusting way?

Enter Lieutenant Jeff Robertson and Officer Neelon Greenwood of the Police Department of Norman, OK.

These officers of the law have accepted the offer from the career baby-killer, Larry Burns, at 2453 Wilcox Drive, Norman, OK, to work security for his child sacrifice center when they are off-duty. While they are doing so, they serve as deathscorts, walking abortive mothers from their cars to the back door of the death mill so as to avoid the abolitionists trying to hold them back from the slaughter who are stuck on the sidewalk, on public property.


They took an oath to protect. They protect murderers.

They took an oath to serve. They serve the rich assassin who tears tiny children to pieces or poisons them to death with chemical weaponry.

They took an oath to uphold the Constitution. They uphold the perversion that 7 lawyers in Washington DC foisted upon it, as well as the myriad lower laws that ignorant, biased, and wicked legislators have since created in the same vein.
They are supposed to deal justice to the innocent. They help deal death to the innocent.

And to add insult to injury, they wear their full police uniforms (which are, of course, taxpayer property) to fulfill this wicked capacity.
To add irony to insult to injury, Pulpit & Pen has reason to believe that Officer Greenwood also provides security for
Campbellitesa Church of Christ in the Norman area on Sundays.

These men are government officials, agents of the God-ordained authority to reward those who do good and punish those who do evil. Instead, let a single sidewalk counselor set foot on the property of this altar to Molech, and doubtless the “officer” on “duty” will cite or arrest that doer of good. Thus the government magistrate becomes a terror unto those who do good, rather than unto those who do evil. While they should stand against the destruction of preborn bearers of the image of their Creator, they misappropriate their badge and uniform for the purposes of standing against righteousness.

Let’s be clear. Any government official has the responsibility to stand firmly against violations of the Law of God. “It’s the law” is no excuse. “Law enforcement” agents once set dogs and fire hoses against marchers for civil rights. “Law enforcement” agents once guarded death camps that exterminated Jews, Gypsies, and handicapped people. “Law enforcement” agents once infiltrated states in the North to find and re-kidnap runaway slaves to force them back to their former servitude.

Today, “law enforcement” agents protect modern-day death camps, where one million of your preborn neighbors have been poisoned and dismembered this past year. They’ll say “it’s a woman’s choice” and “it’s the law of the land”. By their words they stand condemned.

Please contact the Norman Police Department and demand that they discipline Lt. Jeff Robertson and Officer Neelon Greenwood for impersonating police officers as they play guard dog for Larry Burns the baby killer. Please demand further that they renounce any protection for that “business” that murders citizens of the United States, tiny human beings created in the image of God. And, it should go without saying, do no harm to the baby killers, the abortive customers, the police in general, or these officers. “‘Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,’ says the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

And lest you misunderstand your role vis-à-vis the government, please check out