Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the KJV is perfect

People need to realise that there's more to KJV-Only fanaticism than just thinking the KJV is the best Bible. Usually it entails serious sin and slander on the part of its adherents. Those who do so need to repent of their sin.

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  • Me Who claims we need Greek to understand the Bible? Yet in certain cases, studying Greek (and Hebrew) helps.
    And it's a category error to say that one can't complain the KJV is hard to understand vs understanding Greek. Virtually everyone uses the English Bible to read, like on a daily basis. And much of the outdated language in the KJV just plain gets in the way of comprehension. It's not even a question, and you know it's the case. But you won't admit it b/c you have this weird idea that the KJV is perfect and breathed out by God or something.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Launch of Project Frontlines

Project Frontlines launched today. Abolitionists all over the country are involved in exposing the evil of abortion and engaging high schoolers about sin, righteousness, judgment, and the Gospel.

I stood alone this morning at a local high school. See here the playlist that a mere hour produced.

And see here a piece on the project I wrote for JD Hall's Pulpit and Pen blog.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Witnessing to a papist

A young papist man wrote in to the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook page. Here is what ensued:

  • Papist
    • The Catholic church teaches abortion is a sin and anyone who gives, administers, or is an accomplice to one is excommunicated.
  • Abolish Human Abortion
    • Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are still RCs in good standing.

      Thousands of RCs around the world have aborted their children.

      You know that what you've said is not true.


  • Papist
    • But like many Protestant churches as well there are those who don't follow the teachings, they just undermine the true meaning of Christianity don't you think. Nancy and Joe may be Catholics but they don't fully practice the faith same with many of the people's in your congregation No?

      what I said is true and you can find it in Catholic teachings everywhere except by those who do not practice the faith

  • Abolish Human Abortion
    • You misunderstand. Nancy and Joe are high profile RCs who are explicitly and obviously pro-abortion and have done more to further child sacrifice than any individual RC girl who gets an abortion. And yet they are not excommunicated. You have to ask yourself why that is. Stop making excuses. You know it's because the RC hierarchy is not as strong against abortion as you'd like to think. They are kowtowing to those in power.

      Man, stop making excuses for your church and start making a change. See how far you get.

      I pray you'll understand some time soon that there exists no love for the truth in Rome because there is no love for the true Gospel there.


  • Papist
    • I PRAY YOU STOP BEING SO DAMN IGNORANT. Please forgive me for coming this but you aren't understanding any thing I am saying. Joe and Nancy may not be excommunicated but most likely they are living in a world full of sin I don't know their personal like. The Catholic church hates abortion and we stand strongly against them but you are blind to that fact because you choose to listen to your just as ignorant pastor.

  • Abolish Human Abortion
    • You respond so harshly and with such a lack of love that I am pretty sure you feel the pricks of what I have said.

      My friend, come now. You don't know anything about me or my pastor. The problem is not that I am ignorant. The problem is that ROME IS NOT DOING WHAT IT OUGHT TO DO AND WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES. You know that as well as I do.

      Now you have a choice to make. You can either man up and do what you know you ought to do, or you can continue to suppress the truth in wickedness, and in that case God help you.

      And in either case, I urge you as strongly as I can not to put any trust in your own merit or the merit of any mere human, alive or dead, for your justification before God, forgiveness of your sin, and eternal life. The Bible teaches that we are forgiven and born from above by grace ALONE thru faith ALONE, by Jesus ALONE. Examine Rome's doctrine carefully, lest you be led astray.


  • Papist
    • I know I did and again I apologize but it really gets me mad when people assume things of the Catholic church. But you are not justified by faith alone you aren't saved yet until the day you die and actually see that God has granted you to come into heaven. Salvation is a daily battle and actions is where faith is put into to tests the Catholic church fights for illegalizing abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty, contraceptives, and much much more. Catholics love life and I defend harshly because I love the Catholic church because it is the Truth and it stands up for the truth, it stands up for morality, justice, and life. The Catholic church is so beautiful and amazing in all the wonderful doctrines and teaches FREE WILL we don't forces down people's throat. We teach Jesus in the Eucharist where the bread and wine aren't just symbols but actually Jesus present there. I'm done with the harsh words because I calmed down a lot and I really do love you and everybody and I want you to know that the Catholic church loves you and is opens to you. When you fully understand the full meaning of Christianity you're going to see that the Catholic church truly shows all of this and much much more.

      And again I apologize for responding harsh but I mean everything with great love

  • Abolish Human Abortion
    a few seconds ago
    Abolish Human Abortion
    • My friend, this:
      \\But you are not justified by faith alone you aren't saved yet until the day you die and actually see that God has granted you to come into heaven\\

      One simply cannot read the NT honestly and conclude that what you have said here is correct.
      Why does Jesus say that His sheep will never perish in John 10?
      Why does it say so many times in the NT that Jesus save**D** us?
      Why does it talk about having peace with God, already, by faith?
      How are you ever going to be good enough to merit your own justification? How much is good enough?
      Why do you think that when the Bible says that NO ONE SEEKS GOD and NO ONE DOES GOOD, it actually means that people DO seek God and people DO good?

      You sinned against me earlier when you reacted badly and harshly. Sure, you apologised, but sin is not atoned for by apologies. It is either atoned for in its entirety by the death of Jesus on the cross or it is partially atoned for by your performance. Are you telling me that you actually think you'll ever be good enough to help merit atonement for your sin? When is that going to begin? When are you going to start getting good enough so that you'll stop digging the hole and start filling it back in again with your wonderful obedience?

      If the RCC stands up for life like you say, why are Pelosi and Biden still members in good standing?
      You live in a fantasy world. Your allegiance is to Rome and not to the truth. I beg you to reconsider and repent. This sin will destroy you.

      This statement makes zero sense:
      \\teaches FREE WILL we don't forces down people's throat\\

      Your church has burned countless "heretics" at the stake, including many hundreds of my spiritual forebears and has never apologised for it, and you want to tell me that the RCC doesn't force things? RCC is one of the most guilty at forcing things.

      \\We teach Jesus in the Eucharist where the bread and wine aren't just symbols but actually Jesus present there\\

      Whoopie. It's not commendable to teach what the Bible doesn't teach just b/c you want to be able to say "we take the text literally!" So what?
      And you don't actually take it literally. You don't think you literally die when you go under the baptismal water (and you don't actually baptise most people by immersion anyway). You don't think you're drinking blood and eating raw meat at the Eucharist.
      Seriously, man. All you're showing is that you're a slave to the traditions of the Roman Church. They own you. Jesus wants to own you. He wants to adopt you as His child, which is a seal that is irrevocable. Repent of your sin and trust Jesus as I talked about earlier. Forsake this church that teaches false things.