Monday, May 23, 2016

The Pro-Life Governor Just Out-Pro-Lifed the Legislature

(SB1552) was a predictable, cute show that the two factions of the pro-choice anti-righteousness conglomerate — pro-abortion and pro-regulation (aka “pro-life”) — slapped together to distract everyone from the real problem and its real solution.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

There Just Isn't Any Debate

Quite the fracas over at the Reformed Pub (note that it's a private group) over the last day or so. It's hard to imagine how they have time to discuss real things between all the posts about beards, beers, and Battlestar Galactica, but they get around to it now and then. Unfortunately, when they do and when errbody doesn't bend pretty much immediately to the whims and preferences of the admins, they get booted. This is a pattern with the RPub leadership, of which they ought to be ashamed.

But imagine my relief when, upon reviewing the thread, not a single accusation or question isn't answered if only one will take a little time to review all the information and documentation at

And that goes for the thread on Francis Turretin's wall as well.

Either people are misinformed, uninformed, or hopelessly biased. There's not an actual debate happening out there somehow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Afraid of Islam

Here's a good indicator of one reason why American churches are so pitifully inept.

At the 57m31s mark of the latest episode of the Dividing Line, James White takes a call from someone who seems to be a pastor, asking in essence if it would be OK for him to expose his congregation to a scenario in which they would be reaching out to and coming into substantial contact with Muslims. He doesn't want to "open (his) congregation up too much to (Islam and the influence of the imam he just met)".

Are you kidding me? What are you afraid of? What power does Islam have? What truth does it possess that it didn't rip off the Bible? Who will bring these people the Gospel if not you?

And why don't you have confidence in your people? Why aren't you leading them to be strong in the faith and contend earnestly for it? How is it anything other than near-total failure on your part that you don't feel they are prepared to come into contact with lost people and talk to them about their religious beliefs? How do you think people grow in their ability to defend and explain the Bible if not through practice (Hebrews 5:13-14)? Do you think that if you don't do this, the people of this congregation won't be exposed to false religion and false worldviews in some other way that you can't hover over and sweep away with your cowardly hand-waving? What sort of example have you thus set for those who DO encounter the enemy's lies? Some will flee the battle. Others will scratch their heads and wonder why their pastor is so nervous about entertaining open and frank discussion about the defensibility and truth of the Christian faith.

And so what if exposure to a false religion is the provocation for some of "your people" to fall away? Wouldn't that mean they were never regenerate to begin with? Isn't it better that they leave your fellowship in open and visible rebellion to the King rather than stay in concealment as a false brother and a hidden reef at your love feasts (Jude 12) (that is, if you even do love feasts at your church) (hint: you should be)?

SO MUCH wrong with that call and that caller. God help him. He is walking in fear instead of walking in faith.

Monday, March 28, 2016

When 2nd Graders Attack

I probably shouldn't waste my time with people like @EvangelicalPope, but I guess I've tangled with worse. And better.

Anyway, here we have more griping that I would dare to expose evil and speak out against injutice comes from the pen of this person who is either a 2nd grader or a high school junior riddled with government skulage. It's tough to figure out which, but that's OK. It's sad, too - his Twitter handle is so promising. It's like sinking your teeth into a juicy dog turd covered in steaming marinara sauce. Looks so good on the surface.

Good brother Dustin tried to reason with the kid. Tried to help him be consistent. It didn't go so well. See it below the jump...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Crown Electric and Trek Electric Are Guilty

Crown Electric and Trek Electric of the Oklahoma City metro area are both guilty of aiding and abetting child sacrifice.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Joel McDurmon spits truth, implicitly endorses Church Repent

"Even here, however, we are going to face opposition and pushback—largely from fellow evangelicals. I can think of only one remedy for this problem, and it has to start in the pulpits. Absent this initiative, it falls to parachurch ministries and individual Christians to state the truth. This is where we’re at." (Source)

So... when abolitionists said these kinds of things (three years ago), many in the Reformed crowd asked us who our elders were, which elders sent us out so as to say things like this, and whence our authority came to say things like this. Men like Marcus Pittman, Jon Speed, Shane Dodson, and Tony Miano publicly and hypocritically excoriated abolitionists for being consistent with the doctrines that we hold (and, actually, the doctrines that they themselves hold), called us "rebels", "nomads", a cult, and ecclesiastical anarchists. They said that since we are not part of the local churches in question, we had no business calling those churches to repent.

Now that one of their favorite polemicists is saying it, will they ask him the same questions and "cut ties" with him, dissociating from The American Vision?

Time will tell. But it would appear that time is running out for these guys' point of view. More and more people are seeing that their ecclesiolatry just won't cut it when virtually nobody is actually living for Jesus.

Monday, March 14, 2016

NonDoc - Abortion abolitionists take their message anywhere

A friend told me about this article:

Included in that article is an invitation to rebut:

Perhaps the folks at can view this critique as an offer to submit a 500- to 800-word commentary for publication on our digital forum.
So I contacted NonDoc and they have remained true to the offer. Here is the rebuttal. Note that the title is not what I originally proposed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marvin Heiman Won't Answer Simple Questions

Why is it that sinless perfectionists give themselves so easily to intellectual dishonesty and sin when they are questioned? I thought they were perfect. Guess not.

Sadly, @Cry Aloud, Marvin Heiman, an immature and hateful street preacher in the Nashville area, has decided that he loves division from Christians and self-exaltation rather than honest engagement and work to try to labor through hard questions with those who profess Christ.

Are you perfect in every thought word and deed?
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN Mike, we have already had this discussion.
Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN
+Cry Aloud yes I do realize that I was looking for a possible public profession of your perfection
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN Almost every time I preach Mike. I am perfect in Christ Jesus. I am perfectly obedient to Christ. I know that is difficult for a lot of people to understand, but it is possible to choose not to sin.
Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN
+Cry Aloud So your not perfect? Almost perfect isn't perfect, yes?
Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN
+Cry Aloud or are you saying you publicly confess your perfection in thought word and deed almost every time you preach?
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN You are putting words in my mouth Mike. I never used the word almost. Now, I am done here.
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN Yes.
Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN
+Cry Aloud //almost every time I preach// Thank you for clarifying that you profess to be perfect in thought word and deed almost every time you preach.
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN And you profess to be a sinner don't you Mike?
Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN
+Cry Aloud daily in need of Gods grace and mercy, yes. Ask my wife if I'm perfect, she'll testify I am not. Willfully walking in sin? No. Perfect? I discover more and more each day just how far from Gods perfection I am. Now call me to repentance for not maintaining sinless perfectionism.
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN You are free to believe the way you want Mike, and I am free to believe the way I want. I am not interested in an endless debate, so I will walk away. I will tell you to repent, and believe the Gospel.
+Cry Aloud Clarity of speech is a virtue, Marvin. So is patience. You are saying, aren't you, that you love God perfectly every second of every day for a significant period of time? And you love your neighbor as yourself every second of every day? Not had a flash of unjustified anger? Not a second of a scrap of lust? Pride is sin. You keep saying that you are perfect. How is that not pride?
Cry Aloud
+Rhology I am perfect in Christ, not in of myself. who am I speaking with?
+Cry Aloud You can see my avatar very clearly, I presume. I don't see how you answered my questions. Could you please answer them? Thank you in advance. I'm confident that someone who is perfect will 1) assume the best about professing believers 2) answer honestly 3) answer scripturally 4) answer humbly 5) answer directly, as someone who loves truth and has apparently been perfected. So I'm sure I can count on the perfection of Christ to come through in your answer. Thanks!
Cry Aloud
+Rhology I did answer you, I am perfect in Christ. That would be morally and biblically. I choose not to sin, and so can you.
+Cry Aloud Would you please answer each of my questions with a yes or no and any qualification and elaboration you may choose? 1) You love God perfectly every second of every day? 2) You love your neighbor as yourself every second of every day? 3) Not had a flash of unjustified anger? 4) Not a second of a scrap of lust? 5) Pride is sin. You keep saying that you are perfect. How is that not pride? Thank you again for answering in a way that reflects Christ's perfection. Please answer directly rather than beating around the bush as "I am perfect in Christ" does.
Cry Aloud
+Rhology I did answer your questions. I gave you one answer for your five questions. You never answered my question. Who am I speaking with? Not your YT name, but your real name.
Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN
+Cry Aloud I am perfect in Christ as well I think we mean different things by that
Cry Aloud
+Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN For once, we agree.
+Cry Aloud I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to answer directly each of the questions in turn. Honestly, "I am perfect in Christ" is subject to a significant amount of interpretation. Different people mean different things by that sort of phrase. Please simply answer my questions directly. My name is Alan. Howdy. Who I am is completely unimportant, however. What matters here is ideas and adherence to the Bible. Once again, I thank you in advance for answering my questions directly.
Cry Aloud
+Rhology I will expound on my answer by saying this, that each and every day I choose not to sin. Now another question for you Alan, are you a sinner?
+Cry Aloud I'm sorry, you didn't answer my questions. Please, I have asked you with as much kindness and openness as I know how. I don't feel like you're answering with honesty and openness yourself. Would not a perfect man answer honestly and openly? Please simply answer my questions directly, and I will be happy to dialogue with you as well. I need to see some fruit of your profession of perfection, however.
Cry Aloud
+Rhology My answer is above. You just don't like the answer. I am awaiting an answer to my question, are you a sinner?
+Cry Aloud No sir, with all due respect, it's not that I don't like your answer. It's that you did not actually answer. I have asked you forthrightly, openly, and honestly to answer each question in a straightforward and honest manner. I should think a perfectly sanctified person would have no problem giving a loving and kind and honest answer to an inquirer. Please demonstrate what perfect patience looks like and how 1 Cor 13 says that love hopes all things and believes all things. Since you have no reason to think that I stand opposed to you or to the truth, please demonstrate perfect love and answer the questions in a straightforward way. Thank you again in advance for demonstrating what it looks like for a perfect person to engage in substantive dialogue with an honest questioner.
Cry Aloud
+Rhology I guess we will end the dialog here, I have answered your questions and you refuse to answer mine.

Friday, February 12, 2016

February at the Abortuary

It still is lonely work. It's hard to believe someone out there thinks that Christians are obsessed with abortion. Ain't seen the fruit of that obsession.