Sunday, March 12, 2006

Got all proud of myself

for blogging a bunch when I got back from the States and now it's been 4 days. Forgive me for I have sinned.

It's been really nice and yet unpredictable weather since Wednesday. Today, though, it's chilly and blustery and my house is cold.
I took a bus ride around Kikai today and played guitar for the driver. I talked to him a bit and, true to form, forgot most everything of what he said. That's why Aub has a notebook in which she keeps that kind of info. I do too but I forgot it (what else is new?).

We went to Naoko's house yesterday but another friend showed up as well and we weren't able to talk about the Gospel much, but we will. She was reading the Gospel of Matthew when we arrived. We got to talk about Shusaku Endo's novel Silence, of which I may or may not get around to posting a review in a while. It was bloated w/ self-importance, to be sure, and it had a lot of good things to say but not where it wanted to say them. That said, if we ever home-school, which is looking likely, that would be on the reading list. Not sure we would home-school into high school, which is when I would suggest a student read that book, but you know. Anyway, review. Perhaps later. Patience.

I am supposed to read Chapter 1 of Machen's Christianity and Liberalism along w/ Tony this week, to which I look forward. It's only Monday today...

One of our friends, who is married to a workaholic, has joyfully reported to us that he has quit his job and they are going to move. Bummer that they're moving, but we've been praying that he would drop-kick the taxing job and spend more time w/ the family. Yay!

The NCAA Basketball Tourney has begun, and I'm doing a fun bracket w/ friends and family. I always enjoy that. Perhaps too much. I'll miss watching some of the games on TV, to be sure.

This post will not contain a clever ending.

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