Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Evangelical reacts...

...to Franky Schaeffer and Eastern Orthodoxy.
It's not a bad read and does a pretty good job of encapsulating concerns over conversion.


James Swan said...

Hey- i added your blog over onto mine. I did some updates recently, i'm trying to get everyone.

I was a big fan of Francis and Franky. The books by Francis were some of the first apologetical materials I read as a teenager- not sure i understood them, but I read them. I recall when Francis died- to me- it was as if one of the Beatles died. His work was very important to me.

I read Franky's stuff too. He was very angry, but funny as well. Somewhere, i have a cassette of the Evangelical Franky blasting away at everybody. it was funny- but did seem to be the ravings of emmotion rather than the logic and thought like that of his father.

I remember hearing he converted, and while looking around a bookstore, I found one of his "new" books- It was still Franky- blasting away at the Evangelicals, but this time he blasted away at the Reformation fathers as well (luther and Calvin).

I put the book down- I had learned so much about the Reformation, and the points Franky was making were just not right.

I look forward to reading the link you posted ,and i may as well do a blog entry on it.

James Swan

David Bryan said...

Eh...I feel sorry for anyone who has to sit through one of Franky's rant--er, talks, excuse me, or read one of his books.

OK, so I agree with ol' Franky that the Christianity of the first couple of centuries--theology, morality, worship--is infinitely closer to that of the Orthodox Church than those of western Evangelicals...but Franky's a jerk about saying so, imo, and Huckaby has wasted his time by responding so thoroughly to someone whose arguments--you're right, James--are based not primarily on logic and reason, but on (mostly angry) emotion.

I'd say the same about Dr. Clark Carlton, really.

Laura said...

thanks for the visit and great reading suggestions, I'll look into picking them up. :)