Friday, February 16, 2007

Because I've been sick

I had some posts planned, such as dealing w/ a friend's treatise regarding a non-biblical understanding of the Atonement, and then I've gotten into a tiny tangle w/ an atheist to whose blog I was referred by a friend and who, as it turns out, takes part in the decidedly clumsy Christianity Debunkers...
But reality hits. Exactly 2 weeks ago I started feeling a little strange, w/ a bit of a sore throat and some fatigue. Thought nothing of it, went out of town, got sicker, and by Sunday the 2 hour drive back (during which I just rode in the passenger seat) was torture. The Urgent Care facility said it was strep throat and gave me penicillin and an analgesic mouthwash though I could barely talk by that time and my throat was really swollen. At least I was able to subsist on the oxycodone left over from my wife's Rx when she had our daughter (but don't tell anyone, k?) Sunday began what has been the worst, most miserable and painful week of my life up to this point. My throat has hurt so bad and my tonsils have become incredibly swollen that on Thursday I had to have one drained (yuck). By Saturday morning, however, I had seen little improvement otherwise so I just said forget it and went to the ER. They said, "Um, you're dehydrated," to which I responded, "No kidding. I've been living on pills and tea, hold most of the tea, for the past 5 days." A few bags of saline and some steroid drips later, we were in business.
And then they dropped the other shoe - "Sir, you have mono."
Which is a bit of a validation - at least such a difficult time came out of being sick w/ TWO painful illnesses and not just one.
Anyway, this week has been a week of recovery and fatigue. I don't do much and so I haven't posted anything. I don't have the energy. So I hope to see you later. I'll go back to work by the middle of next week for some half-days. I thank God that my job has been so understanding.
Tough time. Glad I'm thru it.

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