Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm noticing a pattern here

Two days ago I drank only green tea. I felt terrible all day.
Yesterday I had two cups of coffee in the morning at Men's Fraternity at church. Then I had two glasses of the nectar of God, I mean, Dr. Pepper, at lunch. Felt GREAT, if a bit jumpy, all day.
Today I had a cup of coffee, mostly decaf, and a caff-free Dr. Pepper for lunch. I feel about 40% as great as I did yesterday.
A pattern is emerging.

2 comments: said...

there is no question about it. dr pepper is crack.

my wife gets the shakes without the stuff.

dadd said...

Careful with the caffeine. When you start waking up at 2am because your heart is pounding, you might want to back off of it.