Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

God forgive us our trespasses. Amen.


Christoph said...


The Jolly Nihilist said...

May god save our species from those who imagine international relations to be a grand, cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil, rather than being occasionally antagonistic dealings between states, nations and diverse populations.

Rhology said...

I'll drink (a latté) to about 80% of that.

But with a big "G".

Chris (from Oz) said...

Belief in God is the cause of the deaths of September 11.

Praying to God demeans the lives of everyone who died. Why not just go spit on their memorial ?

Phinehas said...

Wow, Chris. Quite a stretch there.

Anonymous said...

"Posts I refer back to alot"

There is no such word as alot. They are two words.


Rhology said...

Chris (from Oz),

What's the argument?
Certainly belief in the God of the Bible didn't cause the deaths of Sept 11. The God of the Qur'an, it could be argued.
But those two are not the same.


"Alot" sounds better than "a whole freaking bunch".

Rhology said...

You also forgot to point out that the "to" is a hanging preposition. It should be "Posts to which I often refer back."

Maybe I'll change it in your honor.

Rhology said...

Or is that "Posts back to which I often refer"?

MothRust said...

You also forgot to point out that the "to" is a hanging preposition.

Alan. I really do enjoy reading your blog. Sorry about trying to evoke a cheap reaction from you, but it was my way of saying hello without having anything of interest to say or an informed opinion to share.

Rhology said...

Beat you to it, MothRust - look at the last 3 comments.

And thanks - glad to know you're reading.

Chris (from Oz) said...

Yes, Rhology, not exactly the same religions, but the same disease. Faith.

It's a matter of good fortune that most of today's Christians don't follow the examples of the Old Testament any more. But there are some gaining ground.

Just like the majority of Muslims don't fly planes into buildings.

It is people like yourselves, who consider faith a virtue, that allow extremists of all religions to operate.

Rhology said...

As demonstrated quite a few times on this blog, notably here, atheists have quite a bit of faith as well. Maybe you should think about specifying what kind of faith. Jihadi faith? I'm with you! Christian faith? Only if you think that radically loving people and wanting the ultimate best for them is dangerous and sick.

You don't understand the OT's relationship to today. Here's a primer.

, who consider faith a virtue, that allow extremists of all religions to operate.

I am only too happy to encourage extremists of the Christian faith to operate all they want, all they can. For their faith is for the building up of the world and people's spirits, both.
OTOH, I discourage extremism of the violent strain like Islam, and atheism. Extreme Islam is dangerous b/c it is violent in its exemplar, Mohammed, and in its commands. Extreme atheism is dangerous b/c in the end, nothing matters. At all. Thus the atheist's passions are free to run in whatever direction he feels that day. And we know that people are evil at their base, so those passions will run to evil, to hurt, to theft, to murder, to selfishness. So it's all about the CONTENT of that faith.

Here's hoping you meet more educated Christians in your lifetime than you have so far, and that you learn from them more than you so far have.