Thursday, November 27, 2008

I give thanks

It is Thanksgiving in America.
I just wanted to say that I appreciate all (two) of you who read this blog. Thank you for reading and commenting.
To those of you who usually post challenging comments, disagreements, etc - thank you for taking the time and thought. You challenge me to sharpen my thinking and refine my arguments and presentation. You make me better. NAL, Dr Funkenstein, the many (or few?) faces of Anonymous (you know who you are, though I don't), Seth, Jason Streitfeld, the Jolly Nihilist, Chris from Oz, Paul C, whomever else I missed, thank you. May the Lord Jesus Christ be merciful to each one of you. I truly believe that is the highest and best good I could wish upon anyone.

Grace and peace to you,

7 comments: said...

happy t-day!

Highway dog said...

Thanks Rhoblogy for your ideas, your reasoned defense of the ideas that convey our Savior, Jesus Christ. I appreciate your multicultural stretch. I find myself across the English - Spanish divide mostly in empathy. It is there because I have lived in Latin America.

I believe this modern worldview challenges us more than we want to acknowledge. It shows up constantly in my own thinking. Yes, I love modern, scientific things. I learn that biblical truths that are timeless. It does not come easy. To understand the witness of scripture requires me to understand what they are conveying in the original grammar, context, and culture. It stretches my intellect and my heart. I realize that I need God to change me. I need Jesus to break the chains of my sin. This is not a new change in my life. It started with the witness of my Mom and Dad, in the work of their lives. However, it seems new every day to me in what I need.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr Funkenstein said...

Likewise, thanks Rho for all your responses, both questions and answers (and on quite a variety of topics), and a happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

best wishes

ERT said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jason Streitfeld said...

Thanks, Rhology. I'm also thankful for our opportunity to discuss our disagreements. Even if you did call me "wicked," and even if I did call you "scum."

Rhology said...

Just for the record, it's the Bible that calls you, and all of humanity, 'wicked'. Anyway, hope you were able to enjoy your weekend even if there's probably not much turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes and gravy in Poland. :-)

Jason Streitfeld said...

I understand. The Bible requires that you think of me as wicked. And rational thought requires that I think a person is scum if they think people deserve to be killed for their religious beliefs.

Of course, you've explicitly said that you don't believe that. So maybe you're not scum.