Thursday, February 05, 2009

I don't get $93,803 for no work

What a great story!

Summary - a Native American man sues the state, who employs him, for some kind of discrimination, gets transferred to another dept, and now draws $93K a year for doing literally nothing.
Let me say first off that I would love this situation. What is this guy, a complete idiot?
He says: "I don't know how I could get through the day without my iPod."

I do - get a master's degree! Get a seminary degree! Read through Calvin's Institutes, Schaff's History of the Christian Church, Plantinga's Warrant series! Spend an hour in the Bible and an hour in prayer every day! Go to night school, get a 2nd job, and catch up on sleep during the day job! Dang, the possibilities are nearly endless. And he has the gall to say: "Every day it's a struggle for me to bring in something I haven't read or listened to."
Awww, did he read through all the Dean Koontz and Dan Brown novels in the bookstore? Is he on his 15th listen-thru of the latest Justin Timberlake album? Sheesh.

It's so funny how the grass is always greener on the other side. This would be a dream "job" for me. If I were in that position, though, and I were chafing at the confinement, I'd make it a big public deal about my job. YouTube - a video of "The way I spend my time at work every day." A blog that I'd set up to make the same entry every day, to which I'd point all the time, just for the cheekiness and PR of it.

The article says: A member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Maine, he said he is being discriminated against because of his national origin and retaliated against for having sued the state.

You know, in the gud ol' days, them Injuns would know whut it is to be diskrmn...decrimina...oppressed because they'd be half-dead ever' night on account 'a' 18 hourz o' manyool labor.
Anyway, seriously, you're going to sue because the state pays you nearly 100 fazoozas a year to do nothing? And you're working for the state? What, you think you'd crack the 200G ceiling if you had an actual job where you actually work?

Hinton wants to be director of investigations for real investigating insurance fraud for the Insurance Fund. He said that responsibility was given to a GOP appointee, a white male, who is paid $140,800 a year, according to state records. Or, he said, he would be a good director of internal controls, a newly established job also given to a white male in October. The Insurance Fund is paying the newcomer $82,363.

So he could maybe get 140 a year, but he'd have to work. Or, he could get less money per year and have to work. Boy, does this guy have his priorities in order!

"He has nothing to do and has had nothing to do for the last two and a half years and what he had to do before that was relatively insignificant," said Obertubbesing. "It's an unfortunate situation."

All you working stiffs out there, like me, join me in a brief chorus: 'Lucky bum!'

Now, the irony meter spikes: He said Hinton thought things would improve when Eliot Spitzer became governor

Snicker, chortle, smirk. What a naïf.

"I'm ashamed of my situation. I'm embarrassed. Nobody cares. They don't care about Indians."

Presumably he has evidence of another "Indian" who is paid a medium-high salary by the state gov't to do nothing, which would add the plural "s" to "they don't care about Indians".
Seems to me they're treating him pretty darn well.


Christoph said...

Maybe that position should be downsized, considering our government has no money anyway. In two years of doing nothing and getting paid almost 100G, surely he had the time to look for another job.

Agellius said...

Well, you've got my agreement on this one. : )

Dr Funkenstein said...

that is pretty crazy - I wish someone would discriminate against me if the definition of being discriminated against is that I get 95K a year for listening to rock music all day!

What i wonder is if all bothers him so much, why not just resign from the position and look for a new job or training elsewhere or take early retirement?