Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Intelligent Designs shop is now open!

Mi amigo Mariano at Atheism is Dead has just opened an online shop - Intelligent Designs.
Take a look, grab some merchandise if you like what you see. I don't know about the thong, but I do like the Born Jewish bumper sticker.


The Jolly Nihilist said...

Greetings, Rhology

Given that it has been nearly a year since we last interacted, I figured I would stop by and see whether my most frequent interlocutor was still blogging actively. With nearly 70 posts already this year, I see your writing remains as prolific as ever.

Perhaps, if something especially grabs my attention (or inflames my passions), I will jump back into the arena, though, I must admit, having rehashed all the principal issues so many times over the months, my long departure from atheism-related debate has been refreshing.

As much as I fundamentally disagree with, essentially, the entirety of your philosophy and perspective, I continue to respect your intellectual rigor as well as your inclination, when treated in kind, to be respectful toward those with whom you interact. As white hot as these issues often can be, civility in discussion is all too often a lost virtue.


Stacey said...

Thanks for the link, Rhology. There's some good designs there!

Rhology said...

Good to see you again, JN. Indeed, our conversations have been among the highlights of my blog career. See you around!