Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This is how liberal, politically-correct hypocrisy works

A Facebook friend posted this vid on his Wall. 
I posted a comment with a link to this article from Vox Day, which I found politically and societally shrewd (though not particularly Christian).  He deleted it. 
I then sent him a brief message:  Why did you delete my comment?

Here's how it followed:

HIM:  Because that article is hateful and incendiary and has no place on my facebook page.|

ME: Boy, that's pretty judgmental on your part. Did you even read it? To whom is it expressing hate, and what is the quotation you think expresses that hate?

HIM:  I did read it. The entire thing is hateful toward the gay rights movement in that it doesn't understand the needs of this group.
and judgmental on my part? the article itself was judgmental to begin with!

ME:  Can you quote it?
And yes, judgmental on your part. It's strange to me that you are casting judgments...about the article's judgmentalism.
(The point being - saying "It's judgmental" or something similar is 100% self-defeating. So one should not say it.)

HIM:  I have no problem being judgmental about hate speech.

ME:  Then since you consider the article as hateful, presumably you have no problem with it. You hate haters. You're a hater yourself.
So, why did you delete the comment?

HIM: No... hate speech is hateful toward people for their differences. Hate of hate speech is hate of an action. We often say "God hates the sin not the sinner"... it's that kind of mentality.
And I deleted the comment for reasons I already stated - it's hate speech and has no place on my FB page. my FB page has no freedom of speech.

ME:  You are hateful towards Vox Day for the difference he has with you. You are judging him. And you judged me for posting his article.
Hating hate speech is an action. You yourself are committing an action of hate.
If your FB page has no freedom of speech, then why complain about being judgmental? You yourself are the Final Judge! Your hypocrisy is amazing.

HIM: You've got some bad logical falicies there. My FB page has no freedom of speech because *I* am the dictator of it. I get to decide what stays and what goes. Yes, I am the final judge, because it is *my* FB page. On your FB page, you are the final judge, and so on.
No, I am not hating Vox Day. I never wrote an article about him. I just refuse to give him a voice on my page.

ME:  And w/o a quote from Vox Day to the effect that he hates these people toward whom you claim he's expressing hatred, it is a pretty big injustice (ie, a hateful, unjustified action) toward him. You can't quote him, can you? All you can do is say "He disagrees with the gay rights agenda. Ergo, he's hateful". I was hoping to see more independent thinking from you, rather than such kind of knee-jerk politically correct talk.

It's pretty clear from your reaction to this situation that you have biased hatred toward those who do not agree with the progressive agenda. You don't allow free speech...why? Are you afraid of the marketplace of ideas?

HIM: I could quote him... I just don't feel like doing so... I don't feel like I need to argue with him, because I don't feel like giving credence to his viewpoint.

ME: You'll pardon me if I find it hard to believe that your not feeling like giving credence to his viewpoint is why you won't quote him. You won't quote him expressing hatred b/c you can't. I wish you would be honest enough to admit that, and to admit that your refusal to post my comment as a counterpoint is b/c of your prejudice.

We've seen that you judge and complain about judgment. That you hate and complain about haters. That you mock others with whom you disagree while complaining about those who disagree. It's sad to see, really.

HIM: No, I'm being honest when I say I don't feel like arguing with him. I am working on my Masters Thesis atm, which means I'm spending all day crafting an insanely large argument. To expect me to do so simply to satisfy your ego is... well... egotistical

ME:  More judgment, eh? You're the one who think yourself in the right position to suppress ideas, not I.
Nice talking to you.

HIM:  You've been judgmental from the start, but your self-righteousness blinds you from it. You can't even see your own hate, or how it conditions you to act in an un-Christian manner. I'm removing you from my FB, because I don't want to have this kind of unmitigated hateful argument again, but I will pray that some day God will soften your heart and you will return to Him.

As stated in the last comment, he removed me from his FB friends.  It's sad to see how modern liberal political correctness has wrecked this man's thinking. 


Matt said...

Interesting exchange. I think this illustrates how liberals have excoriated words such as "hate", "bigot" and "racist" of their normal and historical meaning. If you criticize homosexuals, you're "hateful" and/or "bigoted." If you critize Obama, you're "a racist." In applying such terms to those who are clearly not hateful, bigoted, racist, etc. in any meaningful sense of the word, they render those words meaningless. In refusing to defend their accusations and explain themselves, they show themselves to be intellectually dishonest.

The sad part is that those whose minds have not been muddled by liberal political correctness interpret such accusations as if they actually mean something. Thus, critics of Obama spend valuable time explaining how they are not racist, instead of focusing on more important issues. Critics of homosexuality spend valuable time explaining how they are not hateful or bigoted, instead of focusing on more important issues. But such talk falls on deaf ears, for those who still ascribe meaning to such terms already know that such people are not racist, bigoted, etc., and those who use such terms slanderously don't care about the truth, because they are intellectually dishonest.

I think this exchange is an excellent example of just such a person who desires to slander others without giving a second thought as to what his words mean, and if they are true. And the irony of ironies is that such people actually expect us to take them seriously!

NAL said...

Christians set up a society that says that homosexuals are evil, and when one of them can't live in that kind of society, they blame the victim.

Rhology said...

Hahaha, yep, Christians set up this society.

bossmanham said...

Did a liberal really just say that America is Christian? Woah!

Oh, and if this is the quality of logic and argument from a graduate student formulating a an argument for his masters thesis, then it's just one more case of the failure of America's educational system.

Andrew said...

"Christians set up a society that says that homosexuals are evil, and when one of them can't live in that kind of society, they blame the victim."

Even if that's true (homosexuals are not victims by virtue of their homosexuality) it is totally irrelevant to the subject under discussion. Are you judging us, NAL?