Monday, October 10, 2011

My message to a gay man, or, the Gospel


I know things got a little heated over in that other thread.
I just wanted to make sure that everything was clear.

I do not believe I am better than you. I believe we are in the same predicament - we are both sinners. We are both dirty and vile in the sight of a holy God.

The Bible tells us about a God who will bring wrath and terrible judgment down upon sinners, because we break His law all the time. Homosexual sex is one way to break the law. I don't do that, but I break the law of God in countless other ways. Similarly, there are sins I do that you don't do. It doesn't matter how we break it; the problem is that we've broken it.
We deserve the penalty, which is eternal torment in Hell.

God offers us Jesus, to save us from our sin. If we put our full trust in Him AND IF WE REPENT OF OUR SIN, He will forgive us and give us the gift of eternal life. Repentance means turning away from sin, resolving to hate it and fight it. We won't always win and succeed, but we don't embrace it. We hate it. We say "I'm done with you" and turn away.

This is what the unrepentant homosexual DOES NOT DO. It's the same as an unrepentant thief, liar, witch, rapist, or murderer. If we don't repent, we don't have eternal life, and it's that simple.
If we continue to justify our sin and say "that thing that the BIble calls sinful, it's not really sinful", then that demonstrates that our hearts are not right before God still, that we have not hated sin, that we have not repented, that we have not turned away from sin.
Defending your "right" or something similar to perform homosexual sex acts demonstrates that your heart is still with the devil and your own selfishness, not with Jesus.

So I am pleading with you here. Repent of your sin. Trust Jesus. Ask Him to save you and help you live a  holy life. Then walk in repentance of sin and refuse to give way to temptation, refuse to get into situations where you'll be strongly tempted. Read your Bible, obey it, find a church where people love Jesus and love sinners (because EVERYONE is a sinner; there's no place for holier-than-thou people in Jesus' church).

Will you do that?
If not, may I ask why not?

Peace to you.


zilch said...

Not that I'm a gay man, but I think I can answer your question in his stead: I will not "repent of my sin" because I don't believe in your God.

Alex B said...

The fact that you equate being gay with being "a thief, liar, witch, rapist, or murderer" shows just how bigoted and homophobic you really are.

If you're able to recognise that your homophobia is purely because of your religious beliefs then, maybe, you should look for a less intolerant religion. If, on the other hand, you'd be a homophobe anyway, then there's no hope for you.

Homophobia disgusts me, but not as much as those who use belief in an invisible superbeing as an excuse for the ugly hatred at the core of their being.

Rhology said...

The fact that you equate being gay with being "a thief, liar, witch, rapist, or murderer" shows just how bigoted and homophobic you really are.

Credit where credit is due - it's not me but the Bible you're calling bigoted and homophobic (even though you apparently have no idea what "homophobia" is and throw around the word "bigoted" w/o any proper definition as well).

I disaffirm any hated for homosexuals. You're simply wrong about it. I'm also not bigoted, nor am I afraid of homosexuals or homosexuality. You're wrong on all counts. But go ahead, psychoanalyse me some more.

Rhology said...

I disaffirm any hatred** for homosexuals.

Alex B said...

All the word games, and attempts at appealing to a definition of a word other than that which is used in common parlance, in the world will not dig you out of your bigotry and homophobia.

I guess you're saying you're a homophobe because the Bible tells you to be - well done on not being a being capable of independent thought or judgement.

David said...

See Alex? It's not Rho - it's the bible!!

The same book that says you shouldn't wear clothes of two fabrics woven together. (Deut. 22:11). I'm sure rho NEVER does that. I mean - it's IN THE BIBLE!

The same book that says menstruating women should be sent away for 7 days during their period. (Lev. 15:19-24). I'm sure Rho does that too, after all it IS in the bible.

The same book that says rape victims are to marry their rapist's (after the father of the victim is compensated, of course) Deut. 22:28-29. I'll just bet Rho is lobbying his state legislature for laws to that effect right now!! Why?? Because it's IN THE BIBLE.

It's not like he (and the rest of these fundamentalist bigots) are focusing ONLY on homosexuality. Oh wait .....


bigot (n)

-— a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race.

Looks to me like Alex used the word perfectly.

Alex B said...

The more I read of Alan/Rhology's work, the more I wonder about his sanity.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

The Bible, God's Written Word, clearly and repeatedly declares that same-sex behavior is sin. And this declarative teaching is transcendent over all peoples, all cultures, and all times.

Rhology is to be commended for being obedient to God, and for not being a shallow man-pleaser.