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Facebook debate on Abolish Human Abortion

Abolish Human Abortion Admin:
It is so annoying when abortion advocates lie about how al anti-abortionists could care less about children after they are born. This is simply not true and they know it.

On the fence Mark: Saucier Words are plentiful and cheap, but, where is the religious organizations helping to take care of those young babies who lives. Uhm, where is the money, beside our tax paying dollars?

Abolitionist Heather: I believe that some of them actually and truly believe this. But the fact is that they are wrong. There are many organizations such as crisis pregnancy clinics which help women not only before birth but after birth as well. I know that many crisis pregnancy clinics even train women in parenting skills and give them free clothing for the mother and for their baby(ies).

Abolitionist, Colbert: ‎@Mark
There are HUNDREDS of Christian charity organizations that support children and families in need. A simple Google search can point you in the right direction.

The only thing the pro-abortion side wants to do is sell abortions. :/

Katy: Religious organizations teach abstinence,,to not get pregnant and surely if you do not to kill your baby..

Bryce: Love is the key. Even non religious parents can love children.

Abolitionist Lise: ‎@Mark...if you cant find enough resources on the web...try checking with any local Bible believing church in your area. While there are some within those churches who hokd yoyr position (as not every church member is saved), you will find many more who do support women in a crisis pregnsncy, help out with needs, training and guidance...and even adopt the children who's birth moms so selfLESSly chose life. Not every crisis pregnancy results in a child on welfare....which is what you implicitely stated.

Abolitionist Heather: Mark the pregnancy resource centers aren't founded by tax dollars.

Abolitionist, Colbert: Let's also not forget the Christian-funded Crisis Pregnancy Centers that help pregnant women in need without killing children.

Sandy I know how y'all feel about facts, but regardless your's need to be checked. CPC's are funded by tax dollars:

Bryce: I only know of two cpcs in my homestate of mississippi that are taxpayer funded.

Abolitionist Lise: I know of none. Not saying there arent any, but of the 3000 + Carenet affilliated CPC's, I know of none. If tax dollars go to support death (abortion), and they do....yet you dont speak out to that, but do speak out about some (and I assert very few, if any) CPC's receiving tax dollars, and CPC's ONLY value and support the sanctity of by your own standards are admitting you in fact are not "pro-choice", but PRO-DEATH.

Abolitionist Lise: ‎@Sandy...come up with a more reputable article to site please. This is so characteristic of Pro Death arguments...Please base your debate on Truth, instead of unsubstantiated rhetoric....
Oh wait...if you did that, you would be a Pro-Lifer!

Pro-Baby Murder Pinhead: How many children have you adopted?

Abolitionist Lise: Two...both special needs.

Rhology:  Asking how many children an individual abolitionist has adopted is dangerously close to committing the genetic fallacy.

Bernie: We're looking for churches, organizations, and government programs to step up and take care of all this. Why? Where is the family? That's what was used to handle all these issues in the past, and because of that, they weren't issues. I say we strengthen the family unit first, then argue later.

Pro-Baby Murder Pinhead: ‎"Asking how many children an individual abolitionist has adopted is dangerously close to committing the genetic fallacy."

You care about children, do you not?

Rhology: Yes, I do care about them.
NOw you need to make an argument leading to your conclusion.

P1) every individual abolitionist does not adopt children.

C) Therefore, abolitionists in general do not care about children.


Laure: I love this poster. It's awesome. I have a handicapped brother who has brought joy, laughter and so many other lessons to our family. I don't understand why people think that the Special Needs population is something to get rid of. They are amazing children and wonderful additions to any family.

Pam: Its definatly insane, even those of use who cant currently adopt would love to adopt and even hope to be able to in the future. But even still in the meantime we give money, time and prayers to those organizations that r helping those children.

Abolish Human Abortion Admin: See the picture above "pro lifers are..." That is just a samplinh.of.the many abolitionisf families in our own church that have adopted numerous times. Many who have not adopted have.funded many of these adoptions.

Abolish Human Abortion Admin: How many run away slaves have you helped?

Abolitionist Alicia:  Honestly, this is the most inane argument for why abortion should be allowed. Even if NO ONE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH ADOPTED ANYONE, how does it logically follow that someone can kill an innocent person based on the fact that they are not going to be adopted? Just because the system is broken does not lead to the conclusion that children should be killed. The children are not the problem, the system is. If I found out tomorrow that no one loved me, and no one had any interest in supporting or helping me, that doesn't give them the right to kill me. And whether you like the fact or not, every child is wanted by someone. Unfortunately, our adoption system is broken and not every child will be placed in a loving home that wants them forever. That doesn't and never will justify killing them. How stupid is that?

Weird Libertarian Guy?: OK, I'll bite. What WILL they do about abortion? What do they even WANT to do about it?

Rhology: Effect its immediate abolition.

Weird Libertarian Guy?: Abolition as in what? Who do you want to lock up? Abortion doctors? Women that get abortions? Both? Do you think this will reduce abortions?

Weird Libertarian Guy?: That's too much government CONTROL. Who is going to pay for all of this "abortion abolition"? You can't do this and RAISE taxes on the rich, or INCREASE the deficit. So, I'd like to know what you're really gonna do and how in the heck you plan to do it.

Rhology: Is it too much gov't control to outlaw 1st degree murder of adults? Or slavery?
What are you thinking would have to increase in terms of gov't spending? Maybe I'm not following.
And yes, I'd like to lock up all aborticians if they continue to murder children after abortion is outlawed. Women, it's a different matter.

So, what we're going to do is actually laid out in some detail at our site: I don't want to retype it all here. -Rhology

Weird Libertarian Guy?: It's gonna cost a LOT in terms of government spending. This is why I can't vote for one of the fake "pro-life" Republicans. I mean, come on. Do you listen to Paul Ryan? As they say, the money has to come from SOMEWHERE. Do you know how much it costs to lock people up in prison? Costs even more to put 'em on death row! That's all coming from the tax payers, and possibly the one percent. We can't have that as good Republicans. Sorry, until you figure out a way to pay for it PRIVATELY via corporations ONLY, then it's status quo!

Rhology: Actually I would be in favor of executing the aborticians if they continue murdering after baby-murder is outlawed. And there aren't THAT many aborticians in the US, so no, it wouldn't cost a ton more.

Death row wouldn't cost so much if they'd execute ppl promptly.
Of course it'll cause problems to enforce the law, but that's not a reason not to enforce it.

I'm not a "good Republican", so what do I care about that?
Further, you haven't considered the other side of things. The 53 million taxpayers and wageearners who are dead b/c of abortion, and their lost ingenuity and working power.

Would you have opposed outlawing the murder of adults until someone could figure out how to fund its enforcement privately? -Rhology

Jamie: It is really stupid when pro-choicers ask "how many babies have you adopted?". Saying that if you save a babies life you should be adopting them is as ridiculous to say that firefighters should only rescue people from burning buildings if they intend to "adopt" the people they save.

Pro-Baby Murder Pinhead: ‎"Specifically:
P1) every individual abolitionist does not adopt children.

C) Therefore, abolitionists in general do not care about children.


Because pro-lifers are always talking about how awesome putting a baby up for adoption is. I hear it all the time: "Don't abort it, put it up for adoption!" You talk the talk and don't walk the walk. That's also known as being hypocrites.

Pro-Baby Murder Pinhead: ‎" How many run away slaves have you helped?"

I was unaware that slavery is still happening in my country, unless you count women and girls who are forced to stay pregnant because their state officials view them as slaves. In that case, I helped a runaway slave last year. You?

Pro-Baby Murder Pinhead: ‎" Honestly, this is the most inane argument for why abortion should be allowed."

I agree. The reason it should be allowed is something called bodily autonomy.

Rhology: You are overgeneralising w.r.t. adoption. Willful ignorance. And why didn't you actually make an argument? Ah, probably b/c you can't. You're a big talker with no substance.

As for bodily autonomy, what about the baby's? His body is not his mother's. -Rhology

Rhology: Obviously the point of the runaway slave question was to point out that whether or not one has actually adopted a child is immaterial to whether one can be morally justified in supporting and speaking in favor of a correct moral position. You, again, haven't made an argument. You're just sort of buzzing around and trying to lay guilt where no guilt is fairly placed, b/c you're a hater. -Rhology

Blitzer:  There are millions of orphaned kids around the world that need a home, promoting adoption over parenting or abortion is ridiculous, and flat out evil.

Rhology: Did you mean promoting ABORTION over parenting and ADOPTION? I'm afraid I didn't follow... -Rhology

Blitzer: Not over parenting. Parenting is optional, and the best option for some, but abortion is the best option for even more. Adoption is pure evil and does nothing but harm others.

It causes short and long term emotional trauma to the mother, the child, complications for the adopting family, steals a home away from an orphan that needs it, etc.

Blitzer: Adoption isn't even close to an option compared to abortion. Abortion is ending the pregnancy, adoption and parenting both force a woman to go through the pregnancy which may be bad for her short or long term health, her mental and emotional well being, her social and educational well being, and her ability to perform her job/care for the family she already has.

Rhology: So since adoption is difficult, it's just better to kill the child before he can cause problems to others. Is that what you're saying?
Do you realise that there are 1000s of adoptive families around the world who would be shocked and, if honest, would want to tell you to shut your ignorant mouth at your statements about adoption?


Jamie: See thats the problen with you. You only care about the woman. We care for both. Abortions isnt simply ending a pregnancy. It is also ending the life of a human being. Aborion can and often is bad for a womans physical and mental health. Adoption is evil. I truly have heard it all now.

Blitzer: Plus I could point out (addressing your picture) that you guys lie about what "pro-choice" parents will and will not do.

How many times have I heard ppl imply that all pro choice parents will abort every pregnancy every time?
How many times have I heard anti abortion people (I refuse to call them pro-life, they are anything but.) claim the most horribly unscientific things and flat out lies? for example "it's a baby" (if it's a baby you aren't pregnant) "It's murder" (cause it's illegal, unlawful, and a person) "she should have used protection" (cause contraception is 100% effective) and "pro-choiceers will die off in a few decades due to all those abortions" (yes, cause everyone that believes in choice will have an abortion, and being for that is genetic, also anti abortion activists never have abortions

Pro-abort Kiran: I say that all women are smart enough to make the right choice for them and their bodys. I do not know one single woman who honestly dosent know that if she didnt have an abortion she would have had a baby. As a proud pro~choicer I find the argument of educating "women" about the fact that a fetus becomes a baby insulting. Call it what you will baby, fetus, clump of cells all girls who have an abortion know exactly what they have choosen. We are not cattle!

Jamie: I and 5 other siblings of mine were adopted. Its nice to know that you think we should have been killed because our mother had to carry us before we could make another woman happy

Jamie: Kiran that is not true. I have heard plenty of womeb say thEy wouldnt have aborted if someone had told them the truth about what was in her womb. Not to mention all the pro-choicers that are now against abortion because they realize what abortion really is and does.

Pro-abort Kiran: All women and girls know their choices be it becoming a parent, becoming a biological mom or having an abortion. please stop saying that women are stupid. we will choose what is right for our lives.

Rhology: Actually Kiran many women are lied to by their "clinics". Wanting to educate ppl shows respect, not contempt.

Fox, when is it morally wrong to kill a very young human being? And how do you know?

Pro-abort Kiran: of all the women I know who have had abortions not one has ever not known that if she continued the pregnancy she would have had a baby. please stop making women out to be stupid!
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Pam: ‎"Adoption is pure evil and does nothing but harm others."

The absurdity of that statement is amazing. I have known of many cases in which adoption has done nothing but help others. Also i would argue that abortion is pure evil (the devil at his finest) and does nothing but kill unborn human life.

Do you honestly think if is better to be dead than to endure some suffering? Than y exactly do we have doctors who save lives who have been in accidents or even those who have inflicted the suffering upon themselves?

Pro-abort Kiran: Thats the whole point of having an abortion is not to have a baby. pregnate=baby. or abortion there is no other ending. even my 8 year old knows that when a woman is pregnant she will have a baby

Rhology: But the question is: IS THIS A BABY *NOW*?


Krauss: Go us anti-abortion because most of us who ARE pro life ARE against abortion and pretty darn proud of it too! And asking us how many of these 'unwanted babies' have we adopted is stupid. Just because we cant adopt all the 'unwanted babies' we're suddenly not worthy of being pro life? Thats just a plain stupid argument. Ever heard of Crisis Pregnancy Centers? They not only help the woman BEFORE birth but after as well. They dont leave her hanging in limbo after she decided not to abort. Geez. Look up Crisis Pregnancy Centers and see for yourself.

Krauss: Awesome story Jamie! So glad your birth mother didnt have an abortion and that you could find a loving home. Sad to think that not all unborn babies are so lucky.

Pro-abort Kiran: I am all for education balanced fair education. all three choices given to a woman if she wants it. Sure educate about parenting, adoption and abortion. but be honest and keep god out of it!

Pam: At pro-life are hypocrits, if you really truly honestly believe that there are no forms of slavery happening in this country right now you r very very blind to the evils of this world. What exactly would you call it when 12 year old girls r sold for sex against their will, then become pregnant, and r then forced to have abortions against their will? This is happening here in the US today. Since Planned Parenthood knew this was happening and even helped the men doing this to get the girls abortions and then gave those girls right back to the men who r basically owning them as sex slaves i would argue that planned parenthood doesnt care one bit about women.

Blitzer: After it stops being a "parasite" (it's not because it's the same species, but if ppl can call it a baby and not be called out then w/e) in developed nations. When it wont cause other's to die in countries in China and poor nations that cannot afford to have more children, such as in Africa.

Because the lives of real people always trump those of fetuses and very young babies.

Here's a test:

There's a burning building.
Inside is an 8 year old girl, and fridge full of frozen embryos.
You can only save one, which would it be? Why?

Blitzer: If anti abortion ppl were pro life they wouldn't have killed Dr. Tiller, and after his death condemn him more than the murderer.

Blitzer: In fact if they were they wouldn't be debating on whether or not the murderer was in the wrong, nor trying to pass laws in which murdering doctors is considered "justified homicide"

Blitzer: Pam, where the **** is your source?
Planned Parenthood is a very good, caring organization, less than 3% of the services and costs are abortion related, most are helping to test and treat std's, cancer, and pregnancy related things excluding abortion.
In fact the one closest me told me it's not even allowed to talk about abortion at all when I asked about it for a school project.

Rhology: Why would we want to keep God out of it? He's the creator of all life and the lawgiver. We should listen to what He says.

And we don't allow ppl the option to murder their children. THat's kinda the point.
Fox, how do you know that "not being a parasite" means that the baby has the right to life?
Are you saying that very young babies are not real people? And are you aware that it's VERY rare that women have to end pregnancy b/c of risk to their life? 98%+ of abortions are for reasons other than that. So you need to rephrase, as you've made a poor analogy. DO you mean that the CONVENIENCE of OLDER people is of higher value than the LIVES of YOUNGER people?

Your bldg analogy is flawed. Abolishing abortion does not require that we choose to save a very young baby over an 8 year old. Try sthg else, please. -Rhology

Blitzer: Because:

1) this is not a christian nation
2) it's in your best interest seeing as how if god exists he is the most prolific abortionist in history, with 70% of pregnancies ending in spontaneous natural abortions, or by god giving them an abortion, most likely against their will.

Pro-abort Kiran: Maybe for you god plays a part but for me and many other strong itelligent women "god" has nothing to do with conception. For us it is simple biology. So to cram "god" and your interpretation of his wants really is insulting. I say all the power to you who are religious just dont expect us to give any credit to your thoughts on what god wants.

Blitzer: Young babies can live off of anyone, no one specific person is needed to let them live inside their body for them to live, and thus they have gained rights to their own body.
Just as how being 18 is arbitrary, but I will not be allowed to vote, smoke, move out, obtain abortions, or sign legally binding contracts such as marriage contracts until I am 18, 21 also is arbitrary but I will not be allowed to drink until that age.
Are you saying (my 18th bday is 2 days after the presidential election) that 2 days changes my decision making so dramatically that I shouldn't be allowed to vote? Or that we need real set in stone standards to go by, and that's why it's not up to interpretation or human emotion.

Rhology: The guy who murdered Tiller murdered a mass murderer. Obviously we'll condemn that guy less than the guy who killed 1000s of the most helpless of humans. I don't apologise for that one bit. Good riddance to that devil of a man, Tiller.
That said, "they" didn't kill TIller. One guy did. Be far more careful in your language if you want to be taken seriously, yeah?

Also I love how you uncritically swallow PP's number of 3% w/o looking into it. Seriously, do some reading on the other side of things. Surprise us all. -Rhology

Rhology: God ending someone's life is not the same as your ending it. He has the right and authority; you don't. You keep rehashing the same old tired arguments, Fox Wolf. Pro-aborts don't advance much. -Rhology

Blitzer: And no, those stats are exaggerated, most abortions occur because of an illness either in the child or the mother, because the mother cannot give an adequate life, because the mother is in a poor socio-economic status, etc.
Many go on to have children of their own at a time that they can actually provide for them.

very few are simply for convenience.

Pam: True pro-lifers do not support murder of any kind. I am truly and completely pro-life, no one gets to decide when another human life gets to live or die. Those who murdered that doctor were not truly pro-life, they may have been anti-abortion but they werent pro-life. I do not even support the death penalty, those people r Gods children as well, only he gets to decide whether they live or die. You r going to say something about how it costs a lot of money to keep those people fed, gaurded, ect. Can you put a price tag or a monetary value on a human life? I cannot, my life is not equal to any $ amount and no other human life is either.

Blitzer: many other stories on this site

Blitzer: Pam, the death penalty costs more than life in prison, it's a fact.

Pro-abort Kiran: I am 100% anti death penalty, however abortion is not murder, as for the vigilanty who murdered the doc he should be locked up forever and made a very good example of.

Pro-abort Kiran: Please google...."the only moral abortion is mine"

Blitzer: Well as soon as god starts living by example I'll listen.

Did you know I used to be jewish?
I know what god advocates, alot.
In fact he doesn't say anything against abortion, the only time he really mentioned it was that it is a sin that if a woman is at any kind of risk, to not end the pregnancy in any way possible, "rip it limb by limb as real life is far more important than potential life, always"

Pro-abort Kiran: I am so happy that I live in Canada where womens right to choose will NEVER be threatened. Nobody takes these rightwing fringe groups seriously here!

Rhology: Illness/hard to provide an "adequate" life (whatever that means"/difficult life circumstances are not the same as certain death.
You've conceded the point. Thank you for playing.

Seriously, what excuse will you offer God when He asks you why you stood by and cheered as His tiny creations were getting dismembered and burned to death? It can't be "the pro-choice arguments were better"; that much is glaringly obvious. You're stuck in the 1980s with your argumentation. -Rhology

Rhology: So... Blitzer when precisely is it no longer OK to dismember a baby inside the womb? Be specific, and let us know how you know.

Also, you think fetuses can live off anyone? Um, what in the world are you talking about? -Rhology

Pam: Oh okay, Blitzer but it still doesnt change my opinion of it. I am pro-life meaning i value all life from conception to natural death.

Pro-abort Kiran: God will never ask me those questions as he dosent exisit

Blitzer: There's no such thing as a baby in the womb.

Blitzer: And no, I think a born child can live off anyone

Blitzer: and it becomes wrong whenever the mother doesn't choose to allow it.

Blitzer: I oppose forced abortions, and I oppose making women into baby making factories against their will.

Abolish Human Abortion Admin: Do you also oppose manipulating women into getting abortions?

Rhology: Blitzer are you willing to be your life on that imagination of yours?

So what is the organism one minute BEFORE birth? Please let me know what word you use.
Is it OK to kill that organism with impunity? -Rhology

Pro-abort Kiran: My friend way back in hight school was forced by her parents to have an abortion. She was 15 and the father was a drug using, drunk unemployed 21 year old. She was heartbroken at the time. I asker her 1 marriage 2 children and 25years later how she felt about it and she said "Thank goodness my parents knew what was right for me"! "I sometimes think about what my life would have turned out like if I was aloud to have that baby and I am thankfull". TRUE Story!

Weird Libertarian Guy?: Look, the vast MAJORITY of pro-life people are REPUBLICANS. So, you can't be pro-life in this country because stopping abortion by turning it into a CRIME is going to cost MONEY. We are right wingers, so we do NOT DO THAT. Get it?! Put a CORK IN IT! Unless you got millions of dollars and are paying for this !@#$ yourselves, I don't wanna hear your whining.

Pro-abort Kiran: Allowed :)

Blitzer: Yes I do oppose manipulating women into getting abortions, forcing women of any age or nationality to get abortions, and oppose adoption agencies and "crisis pregnancy centers" that do the same. I oppose all laws restricting the right to choose, whether that choice is to abort, adopt, or parent.

Pam: Blitzer, did you miss that at every single time in the bible when they refer to a pregnant woman they say she is "with child"? When mary goes to visit the pregnant mother of john the baptist is says the "child" in her womb leapt for joy. Also there is this very signficant passage that say THOU SHALL NOT KILL, it is completely a fact that an abortion ends an unborn human life, that being the very definition of killing. I dont believe thats the calling that God has given you in life, you r not following Gods calling for your life, the devil has weaseled his way in and has convinced you that you r following God will when you r in fact following the will of the devil.

Blitzer: Before birth it is a fetus, before it's a fetus its an embryo, before that it's a zygote, and before then it's an egg that has not yet been fertilized.

Rhology: ‎Weird Libertarian Guy? you've left numerous challenges unanswered.

Pro-abort Kiran: Lol...dante created hell!

Rhology: I oppose all laws restricting the right to choose, whether that choice is to enslave Negros, drown Negros, or free Negros.
Hey look! You have sthg in common with 19th century rich white fat cat slaveowners!

Blitzer: Kiran, that's sad, but I will say that I would support everyone's right to choose. I understand that parents should be able to tell their kids what they want, but it should always be the choice of the person that is pregnant.
That is why I oppose the parental consent laws.

Weird Libertarian Guy?: Challenges? What challenges? You LIE. Of course, that's also a right wing trait ... but we're talking about BIG GOVERNMENT here! That's a big NO NO. Sorry! Whine about legalizing weed or something silly like that. This pro-life stuff is WAY too expensive. There is just no other way to dice it, which is probably why it never gets any traction with you right wing hypocrites. lol. Whenever you get your hands on a loaded gun, you tend to shoot yourselves in the foot because your so damn stupid and ineffective. If those fetuses DO want a chance at life, you're the last group of nitwits they need backing them up. I think we can ALL agree on that!

Pam: So a baby that was born at 24 weeks gestation is only a baby because it has passed through a birth canal where as a fetus that is 24 weeks along and still inside its mother is not a baby even thou it is developmentally the same age and physically looks the same just in a different location?

Blitzer: and yes, not very pro life to oppose abortion, also oppose comprehensive sex ed, access to birth control, and opposing helping to pay poor and disadvantaged women and families that have children.

Pro-abort Kiran: I am against forcing a woman to do anything against her will! when it comes to pregnat children the line becomes fuzzy for me. I will make sure my daughter is very educated when it comes to sex and will make sure she can talk to me about anything without included. If she becomes sexually active as a teenager I will take her to the doc and make sure she is educated on Birth control and we will together make the choice of a shot, pills or IUD

Pro-abort Kiran: ‎24 Weeks is to late to abort unless it is a health risk for mother and/or fetus.

Pam: how exactly is it "not very pro life to oppose abortion?"

Blitzer: IUD isn't available to ppl that haven't had kids yet, I don't think.

Pro-abort Kiran: In canada even though we have no time line laws on abortion 12 weeks is the accepted norm and it is very difficult to have an abortion after that. unless medically nessacery

Pro-abort Kiran: Blitzer it is here. not sure about there.
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Pam: Kiran, A: that wasnt my point in asking that question, the point was that Fox said it isnt a baby until its been born and
B: if you really believe thats true, you r also blind to the evils of the world, abortions occur through all 40 weeks of pregnancy, they may not always be legal but they happen all the time.

Weird Libertarian Guy?: ‎8 years old is way TOO late for a coalition soldier to shoot in the head just because he's an Iraqi kid. I think we can all agree on that!

Pro-abort Kiran: Do you live in canada? Have you known anyone personally who has sought an abortion after 12 weeks here? and by the way i said it is very difficult not impossible. and it is legal here as there are no timelines

Abolish Human Abortion ‎Weird Libertarian Guy? Is your memory damaged? Read back thru the responses I've written to you, find the ones you haven't replied to, and reply to them. -Rhology

Weird Libertarian Guy?: ‎@Rhology: Tell me what's worse. A mother who chooses to abort a fetus, or a mother about to have a baby who is murdered along with her child by a United States Marine? Which one do we fight against, because we are really wasting money and lives now. On the one hand, we are fighting against abortion. On the other hand, we are supporting the military machine and wars.

Pro-abort Kiran: So happy i live in a country that is known as world peacekeepers not world police!

Abolish Human Abortion ‎Weird Libertarian Guy? and here you've mistakenly expressed the notion that one can only fight one evil at a time. Untrue. -Rhology (he who is not in favor of the war in Iraqghanistan)

Weird Libertarian Guy?: NO. I have not. Pro-life right wingers are by in LARGE pro-war. These sick bastards routinely post up pro-life stuff , while simultaneously praising war and its horror. In fact, that's EXACTLY how I got the link to your pro-life tripe. From a right winger who does exactly what I just described! Again, you better just shut your yap, step back, and regroup. You aren't getting anywhere with pro-life because pro-life is backed by a bunch of right wing hypocrites.

On the fence Mandy: So here's the deal - I would absolutely never have an abortion because I feel that it is against my personal belief and relationship with God. However, I do not feel it is my right to force those beliefs on other people or insist that people have the same exact religious beliefs as me. In response to the ad, it isn't right for either camp pro-life or pro-abortion to attack the other side. It is just petty and convinces no one that their point of view is perhaps better.

Pro-abort Kiran: Mandy I respect that. That for me is exactly what it means to be prochoice. I salute your choice to personally be prolife and politically prochoice

Abolitionist, Colbert: ‎@Mandy and Kiran
So, you don't like the idea of the government imposing a law that would make it illegal to impose death upon another human being?

Try THINKING about what you're supporting. What if I were to say that I'm personally anti-rape, but think it's wrong to tell a man what he can and can't do with his penis?

Abolitionist, Colbert: ‎@WLG?
So... Since you're OK with slaughtering innocent children, then you have no problem with dropping bombs on innocent civilians in other countries?

Isn't that how your slippery slope works?

Pro-abort Kiran: I dont need to think about it. In Canada we abolished the deathpenalty. We now have less crime. Proven fact!

Abolitionist Alisha: Hey Mandy. Your reasoning for why you would never have an abortion is religiously motivated, is it not? That's your basis for being politically pro-choice? I mean no disrespect, but it's still logically consistent to be pro-life based on secular and human rights reasons, which is why I am pro-life, and NOT pro-choice politically. I am not imposing my "religious" beliefs on anyone to tell them that by having an abortion, a woman is killing what science proves to be a human being, and that it is legally inconsistent to allow this since the preborn human being is denied the right to due process as we know it in this country. While I may or may not have religious convictions that do or do not line up with my secular thought processes, the characterization of the pro-life/pro-choice divide is not strictly along religious lines. Supporting the "right" to abortion for others is supporting the "right" to kill human beings that would not be in that position of dependence without the voluntary actions of their parents.

Pro-abort Kiran: Still pro~choice! call it a baby a fetus a potential human being..still pro~choice

Pro-abort Kiran: Women have the right to choose to become a parent or not! right up until that fetus can survive outside the womb on their own. 12weeks unless special circumstances.

Rhology: ‎On the fence Mandy, consider this aside from what Abolitionist, Colbert said: I would absolutely never own a slave because I feel that it is against my personal belief and relationship with God. However, I do not feel it is my right to force those beliefs on other people or insist that people have the same exact religious beliefs as me. -Rhology

Rhology: ‎Pro-abort Kiran: Women have the right to choose to become a parent or not! We agree. That right is in play before sex. After a baby comes into being, that right has been given up, and the baby's right to life supersedes the mother's privileges of convenience. -Rhology

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