Friday, August 31, 2012

Clearly pro-aborts think highly of women

  • Abolish Human Abortion Why would anyone believe that Planned Parenthood doesn't internally launder the funds they receive?
    I don't believe this for a second, especially given the way PP is clearly willing to lie when underage girls call them wanting an abortion and wanting to hide it from their parents and hide their 30 year old boyfriend.
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  • Philip Whimsical Richards because those underage girls are clearly so fit to be mothers
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  • Abolish Human Abortion
     ‎\\because those underage girls are clearly so fit to be mothers\\

  • Right, and they'll never grow up. far better to murder the child.

    \\that Planned Parenthood employee messed up, if you're referring to the woman in the Live Action video\\

    it's systemic, not one isolated incident; I recommend you pay attention to your surroundings a little better.

    \\Planned Parenthood is taking the threat with an existential seriousness.\\

    Of course they'll SAY that, but this kind of stuff has been exposed MUCH more frequently, for years before the Live Action video, many times by Lila Rose herself.

    there is every reason to distrust Planned Parenthood.
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  • Philip Whimsical Richards yes because teen mothers obviously grow up to reach their full potential all the time
    my friend was in this situation, had she kept it, she wouldn't be in university right now, pulling a first in genetics
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  • Abolish Human Abortion ‎\\yes because teen mothers obviously grow up to reach their full potential all the time\\

    So let's put their babies to death b/c of immature mothers!
    Say, what's the cutoff point for maturity? How mature do they have to be? How do you mea

    \\my friend was in this situation, had she kept it, she wouldn't be in university right now, pulling a first in genetics\\

    So she traded her baby's life for a bachelor's degree. Are we supposed to be favorably impressed?
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  • Philip Whimsical Richards the measurement is obviously if they feel ready

    and yes, most people are impressed pulling a first in a difficult science degree, as opposed to what? sitting on benefits watching jeremy kyle with a kid who's probably not going to amount to much
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  • Abolish Human Abortion ‎\\sitting on benefits watching jeremy kyle with a kid who's probably not going to amount to much\\



lis said...

As a former teen mother I find this line of reasoning deeply offensive and insulting. Why on earth would she not be in university now if she had allowed her child to live? Is he under the impression that pregnancy kills brain cells? That having someone you love to provide for (if she had chosen to raise the child and not put it up for adoption) is somehow NOT a greater motivation to work to create a good life? Nonsense. My family and I are not and have never been on any form of welfare and my daughter, at 12, has already "amounted to" enough to be able to easily think circles around this bigoted jerk.It is sick irony that people think that telling women that they are two weak and stupid to do more than one thing at a time and that giving birth to a child they have concieved will automatically result in them and their children being worthless drains on society is percieved as kindness and respect for women. It truly disgusts me. There is no reason why a young mother would need to spend her life receiving benefits except that people like him continually communicate to them that it is their only option. And there is no reason at all that their child wouldn't "amount to much" because of their child bearing age. The elitism and class-ism evident in that comment is astounding.

lis said...

too weak and stupid*

Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds said...

These are the types of uncompassionate people that we are up against in this fight. How do you argue that a child's life is important to someone that already thinks a large portion of people living in the world are worthless. Logic, reason, and the usual range of human compassion are not enough to even begin to change someone like this. Only the transforming power of the Holy Spirit can help people like this. Pray for him.

Anonymous said...

"Wow" is exactly what I thought to myself when I read this also...this is eugenics at its finest.

Anonymous said...


mak said...

I've seen and heard this kind of bigotry before. It's the attitude that what 'I' am and what 'I' do is so much better and more important than what 'you' are, or do, or will do.

The teacher who looks down their nose at the kid who is struggling in school, and tells them that they will never amount to anything because their grades are not good enough to go to university.
What is more important, the teacher, or the support staff that allow that teacher to do what they do best?
Without the construction worker there would be no building in which to teach.
Without the janitor the teacher would be greatly hindered in their job by all the clutter and mess.
Without the manufacturing plant and assembly workers, there would be no car, bus, or bicycle to get the teacher to work.

There are great people in our world today and in the past who would not have lived, if they had to meet today's criteria for being worth given a chance to live.
People who are child number 5 or 15 of a sibling group. Were their mothers worthless because they brought these people into existance and chose to give life? By today's standards these mothers would have been, and are called worhtless.

lis said...

I was born just a few years after the legalization of abortion and as my mother was only 19, many people encouraged her to "terminate" or in non double think, kill me. I grew up in poverty.I also grew up very loved and very happy without any government handouts. I did well in school, and eventually married and had children of my own, one of them before I graduated high school. My husband and I are quite successful. my children (even the one born before I was "ready" as though such a thing even existed) are highly intelligent and well educated and they lack for nothing. Sometimes i wish they did because in our efforts to give them a "better" life than we had we have taught them to be entitled and demanding. According to this person myself, my children, my parents, my husband, my husband's parents, all seven of my siblings and all five of his siblings are worthless and should have been murdered. Can you just feel the love and compassion?

Grundy said...

I imagine pro-lifers and pro-choicers have people who are misogynist and people who are feminist and everything in between. Finding one, two or thousand examples to represent a group that is roughly half of the USA's population might be a little dishonest, y'think?

Rhology said...

1) I made no statement from the sample size to the general.
2) That said, this kind of attitude is present in tons of people with whom I interact. Probably not yet a thousand, but it says something when it's consistent over many people.

Grundy said...

I've got all kinds of negative anecdotal evidence regarding pro-choicers, so I guess we're even.