Friday, June 24, 2005

Bad Interviewing

Was watching the after-show of the NBA Finals tonight.
The cameras zoomed in for the obligatory coach-hugs-star-player, and
also on the two-coaches-who-are-rivals-but-also-good-friends embrace.
Later, near the Pistons' locker room, Stu Scott from ESPN asks the
losing coach (Larry Brown) this brilliant question: "I saw that you
and Coach Popovich hugged after the game. What did you say to him?"

[background noise of hair being torn from roots]

Is it just me, or is that question
A) inane
B) so clichéd anymore that it's not even funny (since everyone asks it), and
C) just a really bad question to fill space rather than talking about the game?

I am really sick of that question - it's lame!

Or am I just being too grumpy?

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