Friday, November 18, 2005

Aub's 1st post and 1st baby

Hello everyone!

This is a pick of me at a park on our way to some gardens at a place called Sengan-en. November 7th was the official 'proof' that I am indeed with child. It worked out spendidly that I had a meeting in Kagoshima-shi that week and would have the whole afternoon to get los..I mean, to find the hospital for a check-up the day I flew in, a day before my meetings. In Japan, going to the hospital is just where the doctor works-it doesn't always mean an emergency like it could be in the States. Also, it is quite a bit more immodest or 'open', shall we say, in the area where one is given a check-up. Every nurse working that day knew where I was from, how I got there, what my job was and yes, that I was pregnant. Simple pink partitions separated me from the rest of the patients waiting in their 'room' for their turn. The OBGYN did speak broken English and was incredibly patient but he saw really no visible baby on the screen so I had to take another pregnancy test (other than the one I took at home). He said that I had to be about four weeks and that is why we couldn't see much but approximated that the little guy/gal is about .65cm now. As I am writing this, the baby should already have a heart! That's amazing to me. And yes, I am feeling fine-no morning sickness yet. I don't have any strange cravings; I just wish I weren't allergic to gluten. I miss bread so much. I do get tired but that's usually at the end of the day and I spend a lot of time in the ladies' room...and no, not to put on make-up! Next appointment is December 10th, in Naze City on the neighboring island called Amami. We'll go by boat until it's too uncomfortable for me. Please pray that I can find an interpreter each time since there is no one at the hospital who speaks English! Yikes!

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