Thursday, November 24, 2005

So what do you do in Kikai on Black Friday?

Go shopping, of course!!!!

Or not.
Actually, I was reminded of the lovely phenomenon that is Black Friday by something mentioned by my bro-in-law over the Internet phone. He works for a major consumer electronics superstore company and mentioned that he has to go to work at 3 am on Friday. Ouch. Makes me wonder what the main fad gifts this year are... It's harder to make fun of Black Friday since the days of Furby and Tickle Me Elmo have passed. But in that vein, there are still fights over Xboxes and such, so the pickings are not yet slim.
So this morning, talked to family over the video phone and that was cool. They I can only think of the French word: soucieux... to mention that there was blueberry pie present at their Thanksgiving feast. OK, soucieux means "careful." Glad I thought of that before I hit "post."
I am also glad that I blogged last time about being thankful for a thankful heart, b/c w/o that, there could have been some upsetting words said about the lack of blueberry pie on this God-forsaken isla... well, I better not go there. I am happy, however, to mention that our recent Foreign Buyers' Club order included a small apple pie, which I intend to consume shortly. It also included some cake mixes, but one of those'll have to wait for my birthday, in just over a week.

Today I'm going to go cook up some tasty food over at the other American's house. She has a fairly well-appointed kitchen, so we'll take advantage certainly.

Last night went out to eat w/ several English teachers and a Canadian friend over here to visit a bit. It must be traditional, when out w/ a bunch of people, to order a TON of food and just keep eating, regardless of the total cost. I ordered the one thing I wanted, but they kept bringing out stuff that became the communal plates. I guess I can understand that - it gives everyone more of a varied dining experience (and hey, we got to taste raw goat meat, so can't complain!) but it can quickly get expensive! And let's not go into how much they who drank alcohol and shochu (which is the local sweet potato rum) paid!

OK, time to go do this day. Love you all!

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