Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Bomb in Our Backyard, or Say Hello to the CIA Blog-Reader Bot

You'll never guess what WE get to do tomorrow!

OK, I'll tell you. We have to spend at least 3 hours outside of a 300-meter radius, whose epicenter is actually 25 meters away from our house. Why, you ask? The answer should be obvious. But for those of you who still haven't gotten it, I'll explain. It appears that a WW2 era unexploded bomb has been found 25 meters away from our house, and the bomb squad is coming to remove it. But just in case it blows up, all residents need to be out of their houses and businesses from 9 am to whenever on Sunday morning.

Merry Christmas!
OK, sarcasm over. I admit to being more than a little dumbfounded that this is happening and that this bomb has sat 25 meters away from our house for 60 years. And that it's so large that the authorities want everyone to move 300 meters away in case it detonates. Whoof. I'm VERY tempted to move my computer and other valuables to a place a bit farther than 25 meters away from the bomb's location.
We were going to go chill somewhere, like the community center, but it appears instead that one of my adult English students will take us on a several-hour driving-around-doing-whatever tour of Kikai, which beats sitting on our bums all morning.
The little comment about the CIA is just a sad doubt at all in my mind that the word "bomb" is going to register in some US Gov't blog-reading software, and maybe some agent/operative/bureaucrat will read it to make sure I'm not a wacko. In that case, Hi! Hope the weather is OK where you are! How was church last Sunday?

Just thought you all should know. Weird stuff happens even on Kikai.
Wish me luck and a smoooooooooooooth stroke tonight - I'm playing in a ping-pong tournament in Kamikatetsu (another town) tonight. Should be fun - I've never played in an actual tournament before. I went to practice on Thurs night and there were these two elem school kids there, one of whom was not a whole lot taller than the table itself. He had a good forehand though. I wish I'd been as good as he is by the time I was in seventh grade (and he's probably in 3rd).
Christ-mas is approaching - we're quite looking forward to it! And many thanks to Lana and Tak for the big box of goodies - we already gave tons of Christ-mas CDs and stuff to Aub's coworkers and students. And we very much enjoy our new Handel's Messiah CD.
Also many thanks go out to Aub's grandmother Meme, who sent me a birthday box o' bountiful blessings. Not the least of which was a box of Frosted Mini Spooners. I've always been quite partial to sugared hay.

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