Monday, December 05, 2005

Ferry joyous occasion

For those of you who like bad puns - there's my contribution for the day.

So tomorrow we're going back to Naze on Amamioshima for a Dr. checkup for Aub. She was still feeling lousy today, but about 11.5 hours of sleep overnight and then a 2.5 hour nap and then some nice Tylenol w/ Special Ingredient Not To Be Named Here has got her feeling much better. Thank the Lord for that! She's had a really rough week, what w/ the miscarriage, the recovery, and then the cold.

The weather here is UGLY. It's been way windy for two days, w/ intermittent rain, and pretty cold. The ocean is getting all whipped up into lotsa waves. Speaking of fun waves, we're taking the ferry to and from Naze tomorrow! Which means that we may be getting into da boat at 5 am. And normally the ferry leaves from the dock near our house, and that's really nice. Unfortunately, when the weather is bad (like these days), the ferry docks at Somachi, which is the complete other side of Kikai island. Which means we have to impose on a friend to take us there and pick us up (which we do have, and which is a huge blessing!) and which means we have to get up at like 3:45 am or sthg to make sure all is ready - it's a 30 minute drive there or something similar.
And last week, taking the ferry back from Naze in bad weather, I got pretty seasick. It goes UP and then it goes DOWN. Then UP. Then DOWN. Then a little UP and then a little DOWN. Ugh. I was pretty green despite my usually-effective seasick medicine. Aubrey was in fine shape though, which is ironic, since she had been the one under medical treatment just beforehand. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be in good shape too. I'm thinking that it'll be another tough trip, based on how rough the seas were this evening.

Oooofff... not looking forward to it, but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we can find a petshop in Naze where we can buy a larger cage for our cute little songbird.


Dadd said...

If I had known in time for your birthday, I would have gotten you the racy German Bible Calendar and the Airline Screening Playset. But the playset needs at least two passengers. One needs to be swarthy and wear a houndstooth-print doo-rag, a la Arafat, so that the little pre-school child can practice not searching someone based on his or her appearance. What's the PC term for that? I seem to have forgotten. (Hey, it worked. I have been trying to forget that term, and I did it!)

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steve said...

I knew youd like the videos. I thought 4 was the funniest. haha although it is fairly disturbing