Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Friday

Good Friday today.
It's been an up-and-down week.
Aubrey's back to work and enjoying her time w/ the new English teachers at the middle schools, especially at the really faraway one, Somachi. Too bad she can't go there more often. In fact, she was able to do lessons on Easter and its true meaning (yes, that would be the Resurrection of Christ; don't get me started on the friggin' Bunny) by showing parts of "The JESUS Film" in Japanese and her passing out some flyers that we made w/ Internet graphics and simple English captions depicting the various stages of the Crucifixion and then the Resurrection. Kind of like the Stations of the Cross, but less freaky Roman Catholic. Aubrey said that the kids are mostly in kind of this state of shock, not completely getting it. And we can understand that - it's their 1st time to hear about this story. And they're like "Who's the guy in charge" (Pilate)? "Who are those soldiers" (Romans)? You get the idea. On the other hand, the teachers are showing great interest in it and asking lots of questions. One of them told Aubrey (and Aub's still not exactly sure how the subject came up in convo) that she almost became Roman Catho a while back. Stay tuned for why. We will too.
Anyway, Aub's back at Somachi Jr Hi today for Good Friday.
Last night, our friend Shay was kind enough to hook us up w/ a copy of his truncated-Passover-seder-for-beginners-and/or-for-missionaries-in-Japan-w/o- an-oven-or-matzah. Thanks Shay! So I prepared the charoset (apple mixture - yum!) w/ mostly cashews instead of almonds or walnuts (they don't get too much into almonds or walnuts here), got some parsley, got some saltwater, got some grape juice (was thinking about wine, but I honestly don't like the taste and last year Aubrey got pretty sleepy after the 4th cup of wine called for in the seder. Don't know if that's b/c it was late or b/c we had drunk 4 cups of wine), got some saltine crackers, and got some candles. So we had a really good time re-enacting the summary of the seder. Cool beans. We even went out the front door and called for Elijah. But then we took it back - he's already come, after all.

We met a Belgian guy here on Kikai about 3 days ago, and we hung out two nights ago together. He's studying the Kikai coral for his Ph.D in geology and lives in Sendai, north of Tokyo. He's really nice and has rented a car, so he took us to one of our favorite restaurants, which ordinarily is accessible by bike in about 30 minutes. So that was fun. We'll hang out at least one more time. Yes, we spoke French together.
Did my taxes. Loving. The. Internet. That's about all I can say. It is way convenient anymore.

The reason this week has been so down is that I seem to have lost my passport. That qualifies as a Bad Deal. I always kept it in the same desk drawer, where I keep other stuff including Aub's passport. I know I got to Japan w/ it and thru Customs on 3 March. I'm almost positive that I got back to Kikai w/ it b/c otherwise I would have freaked out while unpacking. But I had no other opportunity to look for it or need it until just two days ago when I needed a copy to send to JET. I've torn my house apart and will do it again one more time. Went to the old house. Don't know, man. Either someone stole it (why not take Aub's too?) or it was lost during moving (though I kept an eye on that desk drawer the whole time and nothing else is missing out of it) or I misplaced it (though I don't know exactly why I'd be carrying it around the house) or I didn't get back to Kikai w/ it (though my two friends w/ whom I stayed don't see it and again, I would have freaked out if it weren't in my money belt upon my return to Kikai). Short answer - no idea. Bummed. I got a copy from the City Hall, which is good at least - they had it on file. So I was able to send it in to JET to keep hope alive there. But I'll probably have to go to Okinawa in a week to get a replacement. That. Stinks. Please pray for me - I would like to find it before going to replace it but if I don't find it I would really like to know a bit as to why God is sending me to Okinawa to replace it. I want to participate wholeheartedly in His plan, so pray that I'll be ready to do so.

Here's to lost passports and muggy weather.

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