Thursday, April 20, 2006

Recent pictures. A Debate. Nothing Else.

I just feel like posting pictures today. I finally got off my bum and uploaded the pics from my camera.
This week in my English classes, I had the kids dress up in my clothes, and since I'm significantly larger than my students, it made for good fun all around. Ha ha - little kids in big clothes! Ha ha!
But you have to admit that a pre-schooler in a trenchcoat is funny.
We also have a pic of the Tokumoto family, me, and our new Belgian friend Marc who studied Kikai coral for a month. He lives on Honshu and was glad to meet other French-speakers in a very unlikely place. As were we.

Also included in the pics are 2 pictures of us on Easter Sunday at the park w/ the Kikai church. The older gentleman behind me is the pastor, Maruyama-sensei. 'Twas quite the sunny windy day.
Finally, allow me to plug the Debate Blog (see link panel at left). Centuri0n, the real-live Calvinist (Reformed Baptist, not exactly me but close enough) is engaging the director of the film "The G0d Wh0 W4sn't Th3r3" (misspelled so as to avoid webcrawler hits for such a ridiculous movie) on the question of whether Jesus actually existed in history. The atheist's 1st question was completely lame; I'll be curious to see what he has to offer in a real-live debate.

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