Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The love of the brethren

Had a pretty Merry Christmas. Hope you did too.
Mostly relaxed for like 4 days straight. Slept in. Took naps. Received an espresso maker from my parents (thanks so much!) and made like 6 mixed drinks in the span of 60 hours. Mmmm.

Yes, for me, espresso drinks = mixed drinks. Keep your martini, I'll have a macchiato.

And then on Christmas Day, we called tomorrow in Japan and talked to the pastor who arranged for us to be hosted for 4 days and nights among his congregation in Okinawa last Christmas. And he remembered us!
And then we talked to the family who had us over for Christmas dinner and hosted us one night and they told us they and their kids missed us over Christmas, asked about us, wished aloud that we could be there. And that they pray for us every night in their bedtime prayers.
That is AWESOME. I've been floored often over the last 16 months at the fervency of love that believers can display for the brethren. And we've so often been on the receiving end of that, even among people we've never met before. It's been great and I am thankful to have been reminded of it so recently.

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