Sunday, December 31, 2006


Welcome to the world, Nadia Elauren. May the words of the Scriptures that were whispered to you mere moments after your arrival here ring in your ears throughout your lifetime and be the cry of your heart at the moment of your death.


David Bryan said...

God grant y'all many years. She's beautiful.

Julie said...

Congratulations. I am a born-again, Bible-believing Catholic Christian. I am sorry you feel the need to misrepresent my church.
Catholic Bridge would be a great site for you to check out.
God bless.

steve said...

i cant wait to hold my little niece. Congratulations

FYI - I'm gonna be "the cool uncle".

Rhology said...

Thanks for stopping by. Probably your comment woulda been better placed 4 posts down.
But no matter; BTW, if you'd like to explain how I've misrepresented the Roman Catholic Church, I'd love to talk about it.
Hope to see you soon!

I always knew you'd be 'the cool uncle.' "Sure, eat a gallon of ice cream tonight. Your parents won't be back until 10:30!"

Julie said...

Well, for one, you say that you would like Tiber Jumper to return to the faith of Jesus Christ and his apostles. He did that when he left evangelical protestantism and became a Catholic.

Rhology said...


I appreciate your clarification, which is more than the Tiber Jumper did.
Do you not see how I could easily make the same complaint of you as you did of me? I believe (and am happy to explain why) that the Roman Catholic church is not the faith of Jesus and His apostles, and that the Evangelical faith is. And you say, "It's a misrepresentation of the RCC to say that it's not the faith of Jesus and His apostles".
I am not trying to say that the RCC does not *claim* to be that; I know she does. Rather, my statement is a judgment call on the RCC; after analysing her beliefs, it is clear she is in error on many points and thus could not be the faith of Jesus and His apostles.
So, clearly you disagree w/ me. But I don't see how I've misrepresented the RCC.
Now, you did say, "Well, for one..." Do you have some other examples?

Lucian said...

Call no man Father!