Saturday, January 06, 2007

My photo galleries and a comment on Pat R

I'm putting a link to my picture galleries on the sidebar.

Also, I emailed a bunch of my friends a link to that petition to Pat Robertson, and it seems I got one of them all riled up. He apparently emailed a replacement petition to those same friends, most of which he does not know at all (though some he does know). His petition requests that all who bear the name "Christian," and who fail to live up to the name 100% of the time, for that reason renounce the name of Christian b/c we are hypocrites.

For a few reasons, his reasoning is faulty.

1) Christians are by necessity the least hypocritical of any people on earth, b/c Christians do not willfully reject the truth of the universe around us, which speaks powerfully to the truth of the existence, and to an extent even the identity, of the God as described in the Bible. Non-Christians take on, by necessity, the Christian worldview implicitly in order to live in the world created by the Christian God, but they refuse to confess that worldview is the truth. They live by one rule and confess another.
2) The issue at hand is not whether Pat Robertson is hypocritical or not. The issue is that he is a false prophet, as documented many times over. The Old Testament prescribed that the people of God refuse to listen to a false prophet, even if he were to prophesy ONE time. Why should I listen to one now? If God uses a man as His mouthpiece, how is it possible that he should speak error when claiming to speak for Him?
3) This petition has no binding authority, but it is a request from other believers in Jesus. By making all sorts of stupid statements, particularly in regards to false prophecies (which is the only issue this petition speaks to), and by doing so as a highly recognisable and public "evangelical spokesman", he is accountable to a more stringent standard. There are other men in a similar limelight; why don't they make such ridiculous statements as he?

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