Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mad props to the Boise State Broncos

Boise St. 43, OU 42.

They clearly wanted it more, they came out hot and weathered a comeback and came up w/ GUTSY play-calling at the end.
I am an OU fan but I couldn't help but think that I hated to see Boise St. go down given their situation and the way they played in the Fiesta Bowl. And to pull out a hook-and-lateral and then a Statue of Liberty on the two biggest plays of the game... that's really something.

Congratulations from an OU fan who's disappointed. But you guys deserved to win it. May the BCS suffer further well-deserved wounds b/c of you!

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Tracey said...

Alan- Long time no speak! Congrats on the baby girl!

I am definitely not an OU or Boise State fan... but I must say that I was cheering for Boise St. during that bowl game... for several reasons:

1) They are a WAC team- TU being a former WAC member kinda had to support the small school
2) Their colors are a mixture of TU's and O-State's... which I was watching the game with an O-State grad...
3) I wanted OU to lose cause TU lost and cause my OU friends were giving me a hard time...

It was a great game regardless of who came out on top!