Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't mix your pills with alcohol, or your politics with religion

A common criticism of conservative Christians in the US like, say, the Southern Babdist Convention, is that they spend too much time talking politics, even from the pulpit. We hear, "Don't mix politics with religion, you fundies!" and our ears perk up. Maybe they're right, we think.

But of course, this post is just to point out that the SBC is not alone in doing such. The numerous, numerous examples of Democrat politicians (Hillary Rodham and John F Kerry are perhaps the most famous examples) taking the pulpit in primarily African-American churches during their big campaigns can now be joined to the explicit and bold mélange of politics and religion found in the new-and-improved, liberal offshoot of the SBC, the Jimmy Carterists New Baptist Covenant. I'm halfway through watching these videos, and it's apparent that it's not the mixing of politics and religion that bothers liberals. It's conservative values and theology that bother them. So why the disingenuous rhetoric? Oh, wait, that's liberals' stock and trade...


NAL said...

Southern Babdist Convention
Southern Baptist Convention

Rhology said...

Heehee, I know. I say "Babdist" all the time, kinda like I replace "z"s with "s"s all the time just for the heck of it. It's tongue-in-cheek. But thanks for pointing it out. :-)

BJ Buracker said...


EXCELLENT post. Huckabee got a lot flack for his sermon during his campaign. Like you said, the media, pundits, talk show hosts, etc. all missed the fact that it is almost standard practice for candidates to do this. Thanks for bringing this up.

In Christ,

Stupid Scholar