Thursday, February 14, 2008

Terrible song lyrics

I have to give this band props for a pretty cool name, but the lyrics to the song are atrocious.

Hyper Static Union - "Praying For Sunny Days"

The thunder echoes from the mountains to the waves
Sometimes I wish I could tell the clouds to behave
Calm the stormy seas just by stretching out my hand
But I am just a man, only a man so I'm

Chorus: Praying for sunny days to return to me
Seeking the warmth of the solar rays
I'm not just seeing the grey skies in front of me
Praying for sunny days

This torrential downpour has my brain in a trance
I'd get up and move, but I just can't dance
Lord, You know that I've done all that I can
But I am just a man, only a man so I'm

Rain, rain go away, I have faith that you won't stay
I don't care what doubters say, sunny days will come my way
Then the birds come out to play by the light of one sun ray
Now I kneel me down to pray, please God give me sunny days

Oy, I think I'm going to be a bit ill.


David Bryan said...

gbt...gbt, ee, er, ffniggy....


...brain shorted out...

Rhology said...