Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Someone accused me of being closed-minded today.

He's so closed-minded. Closed-minded against closed-mindedness and against closed-minded people. He needs to be open to diversity and diverse people.


Fiat Lex said...

I love this insult, because it almost invariably comes from people who themselves are pretty unwilling to reconsider their beliefs. Or unable to realize how many of their own assumptions and beliefs they take for granted when they get frustrated with people who don't share them.

Reminds me of a Paul Simon quote:
"You wanna be a missionary?
You gotta have missionary zeal
Let a stranger change your life
How's that make you feel?"

Christoph said...

Makes me think of MacArthur :)

“You ever hear anybody say, “Well, I have an open mind.” Well, shut it. Because you’ve got to decide what to let in and what to keep out. Having an open mind is not a virtue, it’s one step away from being a moron. Render a judgment on something. You have a door on your house, and the reason you have a door on your house is to keep some things in and some things out. You make a judgment as to when you open it and when you don’t, that’s why you have a hole in it. You don’t live in your neighborhood with your door wide open and welcome everybody. You’d be a fool.”

axisoflogos said...

These lyrics from "Skin" by the Vigilantes of Love kind of reminds me of Rhology:

Now look if you're gonna come around here
And say those sort of things
You gotta take a few on the chin
Yeah you're talking about sin and redemption
Well you better wear your thickest skin