Thursday, January 15, 2009

Definitely feeling the Tiber-love

A devoted son of Rome said:

It is clear that you are thoroughly convinced you're right, and are only interested in winning silly arguments rather than coming to any kind of charitable understanding of the matter.

With that in mind, the only question that really matters is, and I have asked you this already elsewhere, what are the spiritual and psychological reasons why you approach the teachings of the Catholic Church with a spirit of unreasonableness and dissent?

Did your daddy beat you as a boy, and now you're taking it all out on the Church? Were you the dumb kid at school who never answered any questions correctly in class, so now you go about bashing Catholics because you want to feel intellectually superior? Otherwise, there's really no good reason to hold the sort of opinions you have about the Catholic Church because, if you weren't blinded by whatever spiritual or psychological stumbling block that's in your head, you could do some clear-minded research and see that her teachings are in no way evil or malicious or contradictory.

Hey buddy, I'll have you know that I'm sending you my counseling bills.


James Swan said...

"Definitely feeling the Tiber-love"

Great title, gave me a hearty chuckle. Thanks.

Lucian said...

And here's something about Rome's evil twin sister... Enjoy! >:)