Thursday, December 29, 2011

Announcement: Upcoming formal debate with Muslim Saaib Ahmed

It is my pleasure to introduce my second formal debate, in which I will affirm, defend, and conclusively demonstrate the resolution, namely:

Resolved: The Bible is the Word of God.

Denying the resolution is Saaib Ahmed, a Kashmiri Muslim, of (edit: That blog is defunct as of 01Jan2012, and his blog can be found at as of 03Jan2012) (2nd edit: Saaib apparently is having trouble deciding which blog he wants to use. is now valid again, and the other one is defunct).  I would like to thank Saaib for challenging me to a debate and appreciate his willingness and courage to engage. Debating in other than one’s native tongue is a challenge in and of itself, so I invite our readers to take that into account and to extend him grace if his English expression should lack clarity or precision. Hopefully, such instances will be few.
The structure is a little unusual in my experience, but it is a result of extensive negotiation.

My opening: 2000 words maximum, due 03 Jan 2012.
Saaib's rebuttal/opening: 3500 max, due 08 Jan 2012.
My rebuttal: 2000 max, due 13 Jan 2012.
Saaib's rebuttal: 1500 max, due 17 Jan 2012.
My rebuttal: 1000 max, due 22 Jan 2012.

I will ask Saaib the first cross-examination question 23 Jan, and he answers 24 Jan.
Saaib asks me his first cross-examination question 24 Jan, and I answer 25 Jan.
Then I ask 25 Jan and he answers 26 Jan.
Then he asks 26 Jan and I answer 27 Jan.
Each question must be framed in 300 words max and each answer in 1000 maximum.

Final statements: 3000 words max. Posted simultaneously 31 Jan.

I plan to post all the content here, and I believe he will be posting his on his Facebook page, though I am unsure which. Given that Facebook sometimes suffers from limited profile visibility, I will post all the content here.
Comments will be disabled for all the debate posts, but each will contain a link to one single comment thread where anyone may comment on the thread. Do not expect me to re-debate the topics of the debate in that thread, however.

Thank you, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless this debate and use it for His glory in every way.


Anonymous said...

do you have anything better to do with your time?

Chemist said...

Presenting the Gospel and destroying false speculations is a pretty good use of time.