Friday, January 18, 2013

Norman Abortuary Outreach Report, 18 Jan 2013

It has become possible for me to take every other Friday morning off so as to spend time with fellow abolitionists and evangelists at the abortuary in Norman, OK.

Here is the report of today's activities. It was a time blessed by the Lord. 
Trey and Jeremy were out there about 7:15. I got there around 7:45. Numerous cars were already there, so I guess if we want to catch the employees, we'll have to arrive earlier.

We had an AHA sign and we were spending time in prayer and reading Scripture aloud. 

One of the first interactions, if not the first (I forgot already LOL) was a girl who came out and stood behind her car to smoke. As we were proclaiming the law to her, she at first activated the car alarm to drown us out. After a few minutes of that, we were agitating her and then a young guy came out, like 16 years old. Young face, high school student. As we proclaimed to both of them and were agitating them to go back inside and pull their friend out of the slaughter, the guy got very upset. He started cussing us out and telling us he would beat us if we didn't shut up. We did not shut up and expressed our sorrow that he was so angry and he continued to threaten us. then he came up quite close to us and raised his fist several times. We looked at him sorrowfully and told him we didn't want him to hit us but that we would not be silent. I think he came this close to taking a swing at us (at which point we were going to scatter and flee). Several times he was getting in our face, mostly in Trey and Jeremy's face, though we were all saying things. Maybe he didn't see in me a threat, haha. 
Eventually he turned away but told us that if we continued our proclamation when his girlfriend came out, he would attack us. he then went back inside with the girl. they later emerged with the girl who no doubt had an abortion and drove away without further incident. 
It left me physically shaken a bit... I guess the confrontation affected my body and I needed to hunch over to recover for a few minutes. But I got better quickly.

Shane arrived and commenced preaching thru his amp towards the abortuary door. We wondered if they could hear inside, and we found out later they could.
The rest of us prayed and as we saw people going in, Shane and we would engage them.

I preached later. Then Shane a few more times. 

A young man drove by with a drive-by comment, Shane invited him to come back and reason with us, and he did! We were surprised. He turned out to be reasonable and we had a short and useful conversation. Pray for David.

There is a window into the abortuary right next to the sidewalk. I decided to preach loud into that window for a while. the blinds closed about halfway through, though I couldn't see inside anyway, so I knew someone was listening! 

Three Romanists showed up to stake some signs into the public easement grass and to pray the rosary that abortion might be ended. This is the very definition of doing evil that good may result.

Four cops showed up later, took our names, and eventually told us that we could possibly be cited for disturbing the peace if we were loud enough to be heard inside the clinic. Obviously, any further info about whether that's actually going to hold up in court will have to be determined after consulting with an attorney, so we will do so. But we decided the heck with it and kept doing what we were doing once the cops left. :-)

Right at the end, we had an outstanding, amazing opportunity. A lady had brought a teenage girl and the girl had gone in and the lady was sitting in her car outside. I raised my voice to address her and shared the law with her and encouraged her to go in and get her friend. She said something I couldn't really hear, and when she stopped I went on a long impassioned spiel about God's law and the chance she had right now to go in and get her friend to save the baby. 

When I finished, she looked at me sadly and said, "But what if the abortion was a week and half ago?"

Ah, well, that changes things.
I then shared the Gospel of God's glorious grace because of Jesus. How Jesus frees us from condemnation, transforms us, gives us grace to say no to sin. Etc. It was great and I asked her to share it with - it turned out to be her daughter in there - her daughter once she came out. 
The daughter did come out and sat in the car for a moment before I realised that I should address her too, so I did. Both of these women's hearts appeared so soft to the Lord and so convicted of sin. Our hearts went out to them! I told Cherish that Jesus can forgive her, not to waste the opportunity to come into right relationship with Jesus, etc. 

In the end her mother, Jackie, took a 180 DVD and a "How to have eternal life" booklet from Shane. Pray for Jackie and Cherish.

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