Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today's Facebooking

  • Just out of interest, what are your beliefs re: contraception?

Sean Gilley So condoms, yes, but the pill no? Thats very weird.

Abolish Human Abortion I suggest you read our explanations why.
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Sean Gilley I have. I find them to be weird. Just my opinion though, which was arrived at thanks to my individual sense of morality.

Sean Gilley You can't. For all you know you are a brain in a jar being fed stimuli. 

Personally I think that's a liberating feeling.

  • Rho Logy \\For all you know you are a brain in a jar being fed stimuli. \\

    OK, so nothing is wrong then. No reason to seek truth. All existence is literally absurd, which includes questions about contraception.
    So is the question "does Sean Gilley think my opi
    nion is weird?" Absurdity. 

    So why do you care about any of this? I'm going to live consistently with YOUR stated worldview and just not care about talking to you imaginary people. 

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