Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just so I can say I posted something today

Here's a quick convo I had on Facebook with some clueless agnostic.

You say "religion" has been the #1 cause of deaths throughout human history. I have a few responses:
1) I am not "religious". I am a biblical Christian. I join with you in marking as false all other religions except the one that Jesus taught.
2) As a matter of fact, religion is merely one factor in the tribalistic power struggles that have dominated human history.
3) Sin is the #1 cause of death. Not "religion".
4) If there is no God, if we are all evolved apes and just molecules in motion, so what if death occurs? It's natural, right? It's part of life, right? Who's to say that causing another bag of protoplasm to die more quickly is morally wrong? These are questions you have to answer, but I fortunately don't because Jesus has told me what humanity is about.

You said:
\\I'll say it again I believe science over anything.\\

How do you know that your observations and the observations of scientists won't be contradicted by a massive change in the laws of nature tomorrow?
How do you know they didn't change right before people started writing them down?
How do you know light doesn't travel in a curly-Q fashion 100,000 light years away?

You ask:
\\ What makes you think the persons that will be getting raped believes in God or is part of a church ?\\

Whether she is or isn't, it doesn't matter. I want the church to be a place where everyone can go for help when they are an innocent victim. We'll help her physically and spiritually.

\\ It all boils down to a choice that one individual will make with all beliefs aside of what others think.\\

That's completely false. The baby is not part of the mother's body. She is making a choice that will result in the death of another.  This is unacceptable.

\\I believe it is her choice and no one should have that right other wise to tell her what she can and can not do.\\

But since she is choosing death for another, surely you wouldn't say that's OK, right?
Or is it only SOME people who don't get to choose for another person? How do you know who gets to and who doesn't get to? What do you say to someone who says that the powerful get to choose death for preborn babies AND ALSO for toddlers? Or for babies AND ALSO for non-religious people named Max?

\\I believe that a one week old baby does not have a collect conscience and does not feel nor can think.\\

It's cute that you believe that, but I haven't asked for you to tell me a fairy tale about your beliefs. I asked how you KNOW, and you apparently don't.


Andrew said...

Oh, Rhology, there you go thinking murder is wrong again. Silly Rhology.

Rhology said...

I know. :-(

Mike Westfall said...

"religion" is the #1 cause of deaths in the same way that "liquid" is responsible for the vast majority of acid burns.

Rhology said...

Nice. I think I'm'a use that.