Friday, March 15, 2013

Norman Abortuary Outreach Report, 15 March 2013

Today was a busy day at the abortuary, sadly.

At least three women were in tears as they went in or came out, but they would not come talk to us. One had to be carried out by the man with her.

A man escorted a woman in, came out and drove away, came back, came out to smoke (and I preached the law and Gospel to him while he was there though he never responded), came out and drove away, then came back and went in, then came out with his girl. He heard a lot of law and Gospel. He also accepted a New Testament but didn't seem very affected by anything.

A family went in with two young children, toddler and preschooler. This was heartbreaking.

Also heartbreaking was the young woman who was very visibly pregnant and yet flipped us off as she entered.

One young man escorted a girl inside and dialogued with me a bit about abortion and how he was an atheist.

One young lady was going in for a diagnostic procedure and she was not pregnant. We asked her to go to another doctor from now on. She said it's a woman's choice to abort. We spent some time breaking down that view. She accepted a NT with some material in it as she was leaving.

Another couple went in, cussing me out, and later emerged. Shane said something about how she was a mother and she responded with a sneer, "Not anymore."

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