Friday, April 19, 2013

An Apology to the Atheist Hub

The Atheist Hub and the Therefore God show invited me on to their program to talk about abortion, their interest evidently piqued somewhat by the comment box debate EssenceOfThought and I had over at my most recent video offering.

We worked out the details of the show, and the program (I guess they actually do it live via Google Hangout) was going to take place this Saturday afternoon Central time. I initially agreed to do it but then upon trying to work out the details of where I would be and all that, given my plans with my family this weekend, I realised that I would not be able to devote the necessary time to sitting in front of my laptop.

I have posted an apology publicly and have privately addressed my apologies to the Atheist Hub, and I would like this also to stand. They did not mistreat me in any way. The cancellation is on me.

I hope we can reconnect some time in the near future. I regret this, as it would have been an enjoyable time, I am sure. 

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