Monday, April 29, 2013

When "last word" doesn't mean anything

Pastor Jon Speed and Marcus Pittman of Babies Are Murdered Here made a video last month about Abolish Human Abortion.
There are many pieces of material in the video that are false and easily refuted, but we have wanted  to carefully prepare a substantive response, so it is taking a little longer than we hoped. We have only one full time abolitionist to BAMH's at least 2 full timers, after all, and quite a few other full time evangelists team up with BAMH.

However, I post this brief clip of the full-form video, starting at the 12:35 mark or so, to show Pastor Speed's hypocrisy.

First, the clip that is most relevant for our purposes today:

Note his words about no matter what response AHA should make.
Note also that this video was posted 27 March 2013.

And now, I present to you, dear reader, some obvious counter-examples.

(Link, screenshot captured 29 April 2013. 29 April 2013 comes after 27 March 2013 on the calendar.)

 (Link, captured 29 April 2013) Note the other abolitionist who noticed BAMH's hypocrisy.

Captured 05 April 2013.

Another thread, 31 March 2013.

Some other passive-aggressive status updates and such that obviously are aimed at AHA:

"...with nobody in command" (screenshot)
Almost two weeks after (screenshot)

Judge for yourself who is being honest here.


Anonymous said...


This all goes to show (to me, at least) that these people are not treating infanticide as murder.


Oh, but we'll unite with unbelievers in our outrage at (insert political development that slightly affects our pocketbooks here).

Heaven forbid we unite with our eternal brethren to save an innocent child from torture and death. Or, rather, millions of innocent children.

From torture and death, that is.

At the hands of an assassin hired by their mothers.

Did I mention that?

This isn't deciding whether or not we are going to host a joint Bible study on predestination or some other contentious matter.

I tell you what, were it my child about to be murdered, I would not mind if a Hindu stopped it. I would also not mind if a Hindu yelled at a bunch of Christians who were standing doing nothing, either.

Take that for what it's worth. I'm not sure how it aligns with one's ecclesiology, but





No, really.

Right now.

There goes another one.

Excruciating, agonizing death- no one to hear, no one to help.

Then, medical waste.

I know there are no lawsuits at stake here, but know well that the enemy is watching... I would advise all involved to read and apply 1 Corinthians 6:7, and then face your metaphorical muzzles to the enemy.

Hint- the enemy isn't the other believer working to end legal infanticide. The enemy isn't the unbeliever working to end legal infanticide. The enemy isn't the abortician, or the mother murdering her baby, either.

The enemy is described in Ephesians 6:12.


The side of truth cannot unite in righteousness to fight evil, but I tell you that the enemy is uniting in sin.

My God, Lord of Hosts,

End this evil, bring justice to our land, and unite your instruments, your silly vassals, all of us, to work your will. Smite us and cleanse us from anything in us that is blinding us or weighing us down, and allow us the honor of carrying your standard through fire, persecution, insults, contempt, and the fires of our own lusts and our former nature. Let us lay it all aside and fix our eyes on you. I ask you this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all power on heaven and earth has been given.

I have remained silent on this so far, but I felt I should say this much. It may or may not be my "last word."


Rhology said...

Yep, and Heaven forbid we unite with our eternal brethren and actually confess that the Scripture says
-we are to love the brethren
-Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses
-Love =/= coddling
-We are to follow Jesus' example
-Elders of churches aren't infallible

and so on.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for my wordiness. I think you get my meaning in spite of it.

I'd be happy to join up with you any day, brother.