Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dr Michael Brown must've been really bored yesterday

Because he engaged in a lengthy Twitter exchange with yours truly. I appreciate the brother's time and his ministry in general in many respects. I have seen enough to doubt his objectivity about the matters we discussed and his discernment about all things charismatic and Word of Faith.

I can't help but comment on the way Dr Brown has gone about this. Perhaps he is so focused on one aspect of the Strange Fire-flavored criticism of charismaticism in the world today that he has entirely missed another extremely important aspect. Yet in his radio show yesterday, he found plenty of time to rebut John MacArthur's claim that Word of Faith theology has widely invaded charismatic circles, expressing incredulity at such a thing.

Two things are quite telling here:

1) Dr Brown has been "in the movement for 42 years" and he is unaware of the massive evidence weighing against Creflo Dollar's doctrinal orthodoxy and against the idea that he is even regenerate, given his money-grubbing and his abusive behavior? Dr Brown has only read a few lines from this man? Dollar is one of the foremost tongues-talking men in the entire world. Certainly he's better known than Dr Brown is (which is, I hasten to add, a tragedy and a shame). Word of Faith and charismaticism have been hand in hand in many, many respects for decades now. I saw plenty of that when I was in my teens and early twenties, in the late 90s and early noughts. How has it escaped Dr Brown's notice?

Given that he addressed the issue directly on his show yesterday, he can't be unaware of the criticism. He is treading ever so close to negligence here. If he wants to be a spokesman for the defense of the spectacular sign gifts over and against Strange Fire types, and he doesn't even know why people call men like Creflo Dollar gross heretics, what does that say about his willingness to be thorough and fair in this area?


Spend eternity with Kenneth Hagin? The one who thought Jesus was the first person to be born again? The same one who had pornographic visions? Who thinks God operates on faith? Will we be doing this together?

This is precisely what I was getting at in my tweets directed toward Dr Brown. He can warn us all he wants about those who condemn the godly along with heretics (which begs the question in his favor). What of those who negligently allow wolves into the flock?

On another note, his expressions of incredulity certainly seem strange to me, I must say. Dr Brown acts as if he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

I am glad to hear Dr Brown doesn't remember seeing such abused and twisted "manifestations" of the Holy Spirit during his time. I do find it highly implausible that he could be in the movement 42 years full time and he didn't see anything like that, whereas I saw plenty like that in only 6 years as a part-timer. Was he just slain in the Spirit all those times? Was he flailing around on the floor?

Let's just say I've seen enough from Dr Brown to give me plenty of misgivings about his objectivity and the quality of his discernment in this matter.

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