Friday, December 06, 2013

Head deep in the sand

Southern Baptists continue to bury their heads in the sand about Ergun Caner and his ever-growing mountain of lies and deception. As low an opinion as I have recently had over the denomination to which I recently belonged, I have found I was still too bullish on it.

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Anonymous said...

I personally think Caner is an opportunist who rode the 9/11 wave into the annals of scam history, and I believe Geisler seriously hitched his wagon to the wrong horse when he chose to defend the indefensible machinations of E.C.

Norm has done some fine work, but sadly his blind hatred of Reformation theology (a.k.a. Biblical Christianity) has sullied his legacy. Too bad...

This being said I also think you're painting the SBC with too broad a brush, Rho. Of course all this is just one man's opinion.