Thursday, April 17, 2014

A public call to repentance of calling people to repent publicly

I'm not sure how this makes much sense. I'm not sure how deeply the author (either Marcus Pittman or Jon Speed) thought about the statement. I'm not sure how deep runs the foolishness, but I know that after months and months of plumbing the depths, we haven't found the bottom yet.

Now we're deleting comments. We have received your response, AHA leaders. We urge you to repent of "Church Repent." When you have done that and are in good standing with your respective local churches...we will talk. Until then...please take the hint and stop commenting here.

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So, let me get this straight. This is a public statement, made by one professing Christian who is a member of a different local church than the persons the author is addressing, to other professing Christians, calling them to repent of and stop calling members of a different local church than the persons the author is addressing to repentance over perceived sin.

In other words, they're publicly calling me to repent of publicly calling people to repent.

Sometimes...just, what do you say anymore?

Really, since that statement makes no sense, Christians who love God with all their mind should publicly call the Gospel Spam guys to repent of publicly calling to repentance Christians who publicly call professing Christians to repentance.


brian wagnon said...

And this is after at least one of these men issued his "final word" on the matter over a year ago, has recently changed Facebook accounts to "avoid drama," and after uncountable other "issues" these men have had with "AHA" have turned out to be either false or so overblown that they have had to drop them.

dustin germain said...

See, its at the point where they seemingly refuse to extend even a shred of goodwill and have exhausted all attempts to sit back, read thoughtfully, and extend best intentions and the benefit of a doubt.