Monday, April 28, 2014

Answering a smorgasbord

"FunTime" writes in:

I like people that don't sit on the sidelines about something they believe in...BUT,  your thinking and position on abortion is not well thought out for many reasons.   I'm not offended by your actions, your  beliefs, you have that right, and I believe that you have the right to your religious views and practices , BUT remember,  others have the right to be FREE from your religious views and beliefs.
You are living in a vacuum if you think stopping LEGAL abortion will STOP ABORTION.  It will only put girls, and women in great risk of serious injury and death.  Have you spent anytime looking at what women had to do before abortion was legal?  You do realize they still got abortions don't you.    There are many reasons why women get abortions, and I can tell you from experience, most women who have abortions don't like doing it, and don't use it as a form of birth control, that's a FACT.. Most women don't make that choice easily
I find it interesting in this society that once the unwanted child is born, that mother is on her own...  If the republican party had it's way there would be no food stamps or welfare, and they are doing their best to cut these programs, NOW.    To ignore the reasons WHY many young girls and women get abortions in burying your head in the sand and not REALISTIC.    If you really wanted to stop abortion, you cause should be to teach and provide girls and women with the tools to not get PREGNANT in the first place, like free contraception and sexual education..  To ignore human sexuality and to think that abstinence is  the ANSWER is IGNORANT.    Women are raped, forced to have sex by a controlling partner, boyfriend, husband, birth control fails, incest..and many women believe sex is not only for procreation, if you can believe that!    You really think these circumstances will STOP.?    NOT!    Children born into unwanted pregnancies many times end up in the welfare system, and finally in the  criminal justice system, doing great damage to society along the way...Raping, killing, stealing.....   Again, your right to live you life abortion FREE is your RIGHT, BUT others have the RIGHT TO BE FREE OF YOUR BELIEFS.    You will not win this battle...this is just common sense.   You cannot legislate human nature....  Preach CONTRACEPTION, and you will save more lives, and prevent more ABORTIONS,  then you every will with your current approach.  If you really wanted to accomplish the goal of making abortion rare, then preventing pregnancies is the ANSWER.    Put all the energy you have into that goal and you will do mankind and GOD a great service.     Thank you for your time.
Hello Whatever Your Name Is,

I'm glad you're not offended. That's open minded of you.
On one level of course people have the right not to be persuaded by our arguments - that's 1st Amdmt. But on a deeper level, nobody is at liberty to murder children or think that Jesus is not Lord, and Jesus will not have patience forever. He will pour out wrath on evildoers like those who think abortion is OK. So that liberty is at a more important level totally imaginary, and we want to warn people.

We don't only want to illegalise abortion. Stick around; we very often say that we are at war with the worldview in which abortion is thinkable in the first place. But I LOL when you say that abolition puts women at risk of injury and death. Open your eyes. Women are seriously injured and killed by abortions all over the place TODAY. Further, babies ALWAYS die. So don't say that kind of foolish thing.

Why don't women make that choice easily? It's because they KNOW it's a CHILD they're MURDERING. If abortion is merely health care, it's the easiest decision in the world. Nobody frets over a tonsillectomy.

We don't want to leave the mother on her own. That's a lie that you've believed from the media b/c like most Americans you're probably a faithful sheeple. Open your eyes. Nanny-state healthcare is not the answer. We refuse to give a bad answer to a tough question. The answer is to awaken the culture to care for women in these situations and give them love and the Gospel of Jesus, and yes, to shame those who hate the truth and who think that murder is the answer to their own bad choices. that choice should be shamed.
Further, women can get free healthcare TODAY; 0bamacare isn't needed. A humble heart to ask for help is what is needed.

We do teach people not to get pregnant. there is a 100% effective means of doing so - abstinence. The Lord Jesus commands everyone to flee from sexual immorality. It's not ignorant. Condoms work 80% of the time WHEN THEY ARE USED. Abstinence works 100% of the time WHEN IT IS USED. Why would we push an inferior method? Why would we disobey Jesus? Give me a good reason to disobey Jesus.

Rape is a tiny, tiny subset of abortion. I see you checked the FAQ. I'm glad you did. Here's the specific link:

19th century slaveowners used to tell abolitionists they'd never abolish slavery. Yet here we are. The Lord Jesus is in control. You don't even have enough courage to use a real email address and name. LOL at your bravado.

Preach contraception, eh? That is advice straight from the devil. No, we will preach Christ, and Him crucified.

Yes, we will help women who are in unexpected pregnancies, we have done so, and we will do so again. It doesn't matter what their father's crimes were. So we're not all talk. To say that shows you don't know anything about us. You probably think we're pro-life.

Say, I'd like to ask you a question. You seem to think hypocrisy is a bad thing. How do you know that hypocrisy is bad? What is your standard of moral measurement? Who made you Pope of Morality, that you can sit there and dictate to others that hypocrisy is evil? Speaking of critical thinking. Good luck answering that question in a way that doesn't make a total hash of your worldview.


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