Friday, September 19, 2014

More self-defeating hypocrisy from Babies Are Murdered Here and Marcus Pittman

Earlier this week a significant hubbub resulted from a confrontation between abolitionist Chris Rush from Minnesota and pro-life big-shot celebrity heroine Abby Johnson. Rush apparently attended an Abby J event with the intent of speaking to her about something related to abolition. He carried a GoPro in his hand to record part of it. When Abby J noticed the camera she tried to grab it and then, as he pulled away, told her some half-dozen friends standing around to grab it. Thus she did nothing less than inciting mob violence against an individual, attempting robbery of his property.

Since then she has lied about Rush and refused to claim any guilt for instigating a violent encounter.

Anyway, to substantiate his account of the incident, Rush put out the unedited video of the encounter. He lost his cool and self-control and did not regain it in what I would call a timely manner, and a few times used profanity a few minutes after the attempted robbery.

Enter Marcus Pittman and BAMH, always ready to try to kick dirt on all things abolitionist. Nobody asked Marcus, but he opined of his own free will on the incident:

Marcus also showed up on the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook page, claiming the unedited video is edited. I deleted his comments there. On the BAMH thread, he complained about the deletion. I'll let my own comments stand:

The thread continued and was up for at least a few more hours, but as the next day, it had been deleted. Why delete threads like that if you are proud of what you said? Why not let the record stand and let the reader judge? Unless you realise you said wrong things and can't bring yourself to repent of them...

This is how this works:

In Chris Rush's own words:
To be clear 1. I did sin by using profanity for that I repent. 2. I got too emotional at certain points I do not think I was perfect.

I agree with Chris. When one has sinned, one should repent of it. That starts with apology. It is the Christian thing to do.
Why is it, then, that Abby Johnson (Roman Catholic) and Marcus Pittman (Presbyterian) won't do what Chris did?

Interestingly, just as Abby J continues to pile on her condemnation with further lies and refusals to repent and apologise, so does Pittman. Only a couple of hours later, BAMH posted this:

Notice my comments there. What in the world does Pittman think he is talking about? The kind of stuff that makes it on YouTube? Quiet talks? Why does he keep hyping his documentary Babies Are Murdered Here, again?
Notice also the shift in thinking.

September 14, BAMH said:
Take a stand with Babies Are Murdered Here signs.
Aren't those in effect pieces of glossy cardstock?
And while some BAMH hangers-on, street preacher guild fanboys sometimes accuse AHA of being a for-profit T-shirt and merch company, why isn't BAMH thus open to the same (false) accusation?

Speaking of which...
September 3, BAMH said:
So the guys that brought you Babies Are Murdered Here made a commercial for a bookstore Check it out. 
Is that kind of like when Abolish Human Abortion puts out ads for Why is it OK for them but not for abolitionists?

If abortion is going to be ended by what Pittman said, why commend local Christians for preaching the Gospel at the death mills like here and here, for example? The main thing I notice that's different between these and many abolitionists is that abolitionists' signs are better. 

June 27, Jon Speed encourages abortion mill ministry:
The Supreme Court has ruled in our favor. If you refuse to go to the clinics to preach the gospel and stand for life it has nothing to do with legality. You are not a "lawsuit waiting to happen", as one church that used to support us claimed over a year ago when they decided to cut our financial support as missionaries. Stop believing your fears and the wannabe lawyers in your church and go out and preach the gospel.

June 20, BAMH reminds you that their pieces of glossy cardstock and suchlike are still for sale:

Order the official BAMH signs, gospel tracts, drop cards, and bumper stickers

June 8, Jon Speed is interviewed on the radio. I don't remember that being on the list of things that will abolish abortion.

May 14, BAMH commends a public protest at a hospital!
This is what it looks like when a local church takes a stand for life against a Catholic hospital in Texas that gives admitting privileges to a local abortionist. #BAMH

May 9, BAMH confuses me again:
Oh that the Lord would thrust forth laborers into His harvest. The answer to shaking the apathetic into action is not the production of a movie or elaborate protests. Jesus said to pray (Matthew 9:38). Perhaps if we prayed more than we produced or protested, the Lord would be pleased to mobilize more local churches.

Well, I think I take it back. I have no idea what message BAMH is trying to express, especially in light of the many other things they said to hype the movie leading up to its release. Was all of that just clever marketing? Is consistency a concern here?

When you do something wrong, repent of it. Apologise and seek the strength of the Lord to no longer walk in that error and sin. Repentance and willingness to humble oneself before an offended neighbor is a mark of a regenerate heart.
Abby Johnson, Roman Catholic, has sinned against Chris Rush and despite many calls to repentance, has instead chosen to lie and lie some more about what happened that evening.
Marcus Pittman, professing Reformed follower of Jesus, has sinned against hundreds of abolitionists and against Chris Rush in particular, as well as the leadership of Rush's church, implying that Rush needs to join a church so he can get counsel from older godly men. I myself told Pittman that Rush is already a member of a church. Pittman deleted my comment and indeed the entire thread.

If one thinks one has done nothing wrong, does one delete threads that one thought important enough to post in the first place? Or is that the action of a coward who wants to throw fiery darts but doesn't want to defend his reasoning for throwing them? Hoping to escape accountability for what he said and what people saw, for the hearts affected and poisoned against the victims of the unrighteous judgment?

Marcus Pittman, repent. We abolitionists, who love and want to honor Jesus above all else, will still forgive and welcome you. Turn to Jesus and walk the path of life, receiving life from Jesus and giving life to others rather than draining it through the sowing of dissension and division.


Prince Asbel said...

Good lord, what is WRONG with these BAMH people?? These are the same people who produced How To Answer The Fool. How can men who exhibit such great signs of sanctification and such dedication to God and His Word treat their brethren like the dirt under their shoe for doing nothing more than the same kinds of things they're doing?? What on earth did you or Rush or anyone else do to them to make them hate you so much?

As to Abby Johnson, I am supremely disgusted with her behavior, though not entirely surprised. She has condescendingly declared that she will forgive those people who would suggest she deserves the death penalty for her having served as an accomplice to who knows how many murders in her time with Planned Parenthood. That's how warped her moral compass is- and so why not attack a man and incite mob violence? If her own pride is grossly inflated that you will look down upon those who would want justice brought upon you for being a contemporary nazi, then why should she care about being caught on tape assaulting an innocent man and inciting mob violence against him?

I have to give you props, Rhology. I'm far too emotional- I would rage on Abby Johnson and Marcus Pittman and the whole BAMH group if I were you. You always seem extraordinarily calm and collected when you post an update on the issues that keep cropping up with these people. I wouldn't be- I'd be so angry and disgusted. How dare they...

Prince Asbel said...

I've prayed that the Lord will continue to bestow upon you the patience he has been giving you thus far, Rhology. I know this kind of thing is discouraging, but your patience encourages me. I feel compelled to adopt a similar attitude, even to people with whom I hold serious grievances. If you can keep your cool even when dealing with nonsense like this, then so can I. Thanks again for your writing, Rhology.

Anonymous said...

Please RHo can you help me here, I watched the video several times but the audio was not very distinctive and the young man did seem a bit agitated, maybe for good cause.
The youth Pastor with the camera was the one apparently assaulted is that correct?

The lady on the video with the glasses is the one he was discussing theology with?

Was that police or security that detained the youth pastor?

thanks for the helpful clarification.


Rhology said...

Prince Asbel,

I'm glad you think I come across as calm. This situation grieves me more than I can say. I stand aghast at the way these men have responded to the growth of abolition.

But your words encourage me greatly, so I thank you for commenting.

Rhology said...

Hello Anonymous/Brian,

Thanks for commenting. Yes, the youth pastor/abolitionist, Chris Rush, is the one holding the camera. He attempted to talk to Abby Johnson and then she noticed the camera in his hand and tried to physically remove it from his hand, and then she called on multiple others around him to restrain him and take his camera from him by force.

I don't think she was wearing glasses. She was wearing a teal-colored dress.
See here more commentary on the incident.

I think it was campus security that first stopped him, some minutes later, and then a police officer. Seems to me the security/police personnel acted cool and professional. Chris Rush provoked them and they did not respond in kind; their cuffing him is not unreasonable in my judgment. If nothing else, it helped calm Rush and defuse the situation.

briand1 said...

OK that helped, I have been mugged a few more times than I care to admit, usually by more than one person. I did not fair well, got punched in the head a few times with brass knuckles and had a shot gun shoved in my face. I will admit it ticked me off, the cops thought it was funny and basically told me to man up. But that was a long time ago. In my area some of the cops would have beat the living snot out of him and tasered him a few times then taken him off. In some areas those are the mild cops but most officers are professional. I guess I post that to say I understand why he was upset.

I was wondering was Mr. Rush trying to witness to Abby concerning her Catholic faith or her stance on abortion?

I decided to use my google log in.

Rhology said...

I haven't watched Mr. Rush's fuller explanation of what he was trying to do. My guess is that he was trying to challenge her view on something pro-life vis-a-vis abolition. But discussion of Roman theology is definitely part of that discussion.