Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Joel McDurmon spits truth, implicitly endorses Church Repent

"Even here, however, we are going to face opposition and pushback—largely from fellow evangelicals. I can think of only one remedy for this problem, and it has to start in the pulpits. Absent this initiative, it falls to parachurch ministries and individual Christians to state the truth. This is where we’re at." (Source)

So... when abolitionists said these kinds of things (three years ago), many in the Reformed crowd asked us who our elders were, which elders sent us out so as to say things like this, and whence our authority came to say things like this. Men like Marcus Pittman, Jon Speed, Shane Dodson, and Tony Miano publicly and hypocritically excoriated abolitionists for being consistent with the doctrines that we hold (and, actually, the doctrines that they themselves hold), called us "rebels", "nomads", a cult, and ecclesiastical anarchists. They said that since we are not part of the local churches in question, we had no business calling those churches to repent.

Now that one of their favorite polemicists is saying it, will they ask him the same questions and "cut ties" with him, dissociating from The American Vision?

Time will tell. But it would appear that time is running out for these guys' point of view. More and more people are seeing that their ecclesiolatry just won't cut it when virtually nobody is actually living for Jesus.

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