Monday, March 28, 2016

When 2nd Graders Attack

I probably shouldn't waste my time with people like @EvangelicalPope, but I guess I've tangled with worse. And better.

Anyway, here we have more griping that I would dare to expose evil and speak out against injutice comes from the pen of this person who is either a 2nd grader or a high school junior riddled with government skulage. It's tough to figure out which, but that's OK. It's sad, too - his Twitter handle is so promising. It's like sinking your teeth into a juicy dog turd covered in steaming marinara sauce. Looks so good on the surface.

Good brother Dustin tried to reason with the kid. Tried to help him be consistent. It didn't go so well. See it below the jump...


I left the following comment. We'll see if it survives moderation.


The reasoning employed in this article is poor, but at least the grammar and syntax are poor as well.

Hopefully some day you'll get the opportunity to write an article about how you also think that knowingly constructing a brothel, crack house, child prostitution dungeon, and gas chamber is up to someone's choice as well. I mean, hey, if you signed a contract! I think if I were doing work at a location where a development company hired me and gave me a contract to work, and I found out it was going to be a brothel, crack house, child prostitution dungeon, and gas chamber, I would go to the developer and cite my issue of conscience and see about getting out of my contract. If I could not, I would honor my signature, but make sure in the future, when dealing with any developer, I get the information. This is me though. I don’t expect everyone in the world to do what I think they should do. I mean, it would be smart if they did, but they don’t, so I have to move on and leave folks to their Master. They don’t answer to me, and quite frankly, they don’t answer to anyone but their local church. Of course having a healthy respect for the local church makes a difference.

I have to laugh, however, at the line "they don’t answer to anyone but their local church". It's an amazing comment that sums up much of what is wrong with modern evangelical Christianity. What foolishness. No, people don't anwer to their local church. People to answer to God. Local churches are wrong all the time. "Parachurch organisations" (whatever that means; who said I'm part of one of those? What are you talking about?) (by which I mean, in this context, individual Christians) are right all the time. In this case, Yarbrough is very, very wrong and so is his church. You sneer like a dim playground bully at my biblical citations; where is your hermeneutical explanation of my error? Face facts - you don't have one, and that's because you are wrong. (And also a dim bulb, if previous experience is any indication.)

Your use of the word "terrorist" is beneath contempt. Repent.

Repentance of doing their job, honoring a contract, admittedly a heart wrenching conscience stabbing contract that they in ignorance signed.

This isn't complex. You're just obscuring the issue because you dislike JD Hall.

I would have been rude, too. Some stranger walking in off the street, calling me on the phone, demanding, sorry pleading with me to walk off a job that I was contractually obligated with. It’s my business.

I *DID* plead with them. I tried to treat them like Christian brethren. It is THEY who were rude to me, despite my coming to them with information that I figured they didn't know. I made no assumptions that they knew. Never did I accuse them of knowingly building a death mill until I had already told them that information myself.

I will decide if I walk or not

Duh. And you choose to frame the issue this way b/c you don't want to acknowledge your responsibility before God to do the right thing. You love your autonomy. This is not reflective of a mindset set on Jesus. In fact, it's very reflective of the other guy's mindset.

Alan is publicly shaming a company. Why? Because they need to repent by walking off the job.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

(I always thought it was a liberal tactic to appeal to children to force their views on us, but hey it’s apparently the Christian thing to do.

This is so poorly reasoned that it's hard to know where to begin.
1) Nobody is FORCING anything.
2) If we are, you are doing so as well. You are exposing us in public view for exposing someone in public view. This is hypocrisy.
3) Liberals appeal to children in dishonest ways, and their desired outcomes both are evil (because they result in higher levels of gov't theft) and don't actually benefit children in the long run. Perhaps you'd say that getting murdered isn't actually all that bad in the long run.
It would appear you have zero compassion for the children who are butchered on a daily basis. You have no idea what it means that FOUR THOUSAND BABIES are being MURDERED EVERY DAY in this country. As long as you get to maintain your comfort and interests, you're fine sniping at prophets from afar. I'd like to see you spend a few hours at your local abortion mill. It would be good for you.

Oh has a litany of bible texts that “prove” he is doing the right thing.

"Oh has"... "bible" (not capitalised)... your article is a mess. It's like a 2nd grader wrote it.
What is your substantive response to the relevance of the texts I cited? Did you read them carefully? See how they're all PERTINENT to the matter at hand? Hmmm?

How does giving hvac service from one company, to another company end abortion?

That's not really the right question to ask. A better one: Does building an HVAC system in an abortuary BENEFIT child sacrifice? Answer: Um, yes.
Still better one: Are we supposed to participate in fruitless deeds of darkness, or are we supposed to expose them, and would reading Ephesian 5:11 help illuminate our answer at all? I'll leave that one unanswered. Hopefully the reader can figure out the answer without too much further assistance.

Will the baby murderers be environmentally uncomfortable if they don’t complete the hvac work?

What does this even mean?
No, of course they won't. They'd just hire another HVAC company to finish the job. But if they did, Yarbrough & Sons wouldn't have blood on their hands, and if the other HVAC company refused to heed our warnings, they would.
Dude. Read the Bible or something.

Will them walking off the job mean that the prospect for the abortion clinic will end?

See above. How did you think that publishing this article was a good idea?

And my theoretical pragmatism isn’t a good argument.

And yet you posted it anyway.

But isn’t it pragmatic to use guerrilla tactics to bring about (a forced, and probably not sincere) repentance?

Your use of the phrase "guerrilla tactics" is beneath contempt. Repent.

there has to be a better way to handle these situations than public shaming.

That didn't stop you from publicly shaming me. This is hypocrisy.


Hilariously, dude posts his profound thoughts on the question "Is it Possible to do Ministry Without Posting it Online?" Online. He posted it online.
Great question, bro. Why don't you show us how it's done?

Very embarrassing:

Leaving a comment at one's blog where all comments are moderated is now "bullying". OK.

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