Friday, August 05, 2005

That's what I wanted to hear

I haven't learned how to make URLs pull up by linking them to an underlined word; otherwise I'd say, "Click here."

This is a story that I heard about, actually, while listening to conservative talk radio (a bit of a guilty pleasure, I would say). So the school can't control this 5-year-old girl (!) and she's tearing the Asst. Principal's office apart. And of course, the AP can't restrain her, b/c that would bring the ACLU crashing down w/ their patented Iron Glove of Irrationality (IGI). So what do you do?

Asst. Principal: "Call the police?"
Me: "Wrong answer, but why the heck not, right?"

So the police come in, meet the little girl, handcuff her, and then lead her out to the cop car, where she has to have her feet restrained b/c she's about to break something again.

Do you think she was a little freaked out by the experience? According to her (lame) mom's (money-grubbing, slimy) attorneys, she is. The attorney "added that she's planning to file a suit. 'Our client will never be the same,' she said."

I'd say that the city should file a suit to reclaim compensation for unpaid therapy sessions. Isn't it obvious that this child was headed for a disastrous life? The police restraining her w/ irons was probably the best thing that ever happened or could have happened to her, and such therapy usually goes for $70/hour on the psychiatrist's sofa.

That's what I wanted to hear - that this little girl will never be the same. Thank God (and the St. Petersburg PD) for that!

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David Bryan said...

This is why I like the show, Brat Camp.

As for how to link to the underlined word "here," here goes:

Start with < a href= (only don't put a space between the < and the a)

Then, in quotes RIGHT AFTER THAT (no space), put the web address you want. Close the quotes and put a > after it to close it.

After the >, put the word "here," then a <.

Right after the <, put /a, then close it with a >.

That should do it. Hope none of this gets caught up in html code...