Monday, August 08, 2005

Today's update

Just thought I'd tell a bit about how Aubrey is doing on Kikai.

She is meeting many new people, has bought a bike that she likes pretty well, is getting to know some of the restaurants and cafes in the area, and is enjoying the sunshine (though it's pretty warm there right now). She found a church (of which kind, we're not currently quite sure) and tried to go on Sunday, but she arrived at like 10:30 and the pastor told her that the service was at 9 am. Oh well.
She is in pretty good spirits, though we miss each other terribly. I was able to send her some music CDs (which we neglected to include in her luggage) and a copy of that picture posted on this blog with my hair up in the air, and a mushy letter. Yep, mushy. She liked all of that.
Most eating establishments are kinda expensive there, but she found one place where the proprietor prepares plates (say that 10 times fast) and puts them on a round table and spins them around, so you grab one of the pre-prepared plates (pre-prepared plates properly prepared by the proprietor) and pay the price on the label. It's reasonably priced. The coffee is not - every place is like Starbux... and I'm not sure she's buying fancy coffees, either, but w/ her I can never be sure. She's the kind to say, "Hey, sweetie, let's go get some coffee," and I'm thinking, "OK, we both get a drip coffee, that's $3.20 after tip. That's an economical way to get some time together." And then we get to the cafe and she's like, "OK, I'll take a white chocolate soy latte with coconut flavoring." My wallet screams in agony. She turns her head, "What was that?"
"Nothing, baby."
"OK. What do you want?"
"Um, an ice cube is fine for me."

No cell phone yet - we'll wait for me to get there before getting those. But good news - there will apparently very possibly be several opportunities for me to tutor people in English, so that's good news for our economic situation. Perhaps said private lessons will lessen the impact of our cell phone bills.

Three weeks from tomorrow I'll be in Kikai! The plan is shaping up that I'll be in Kagoshima City at some point after Sunday and then I'll take the 5 pm ferry from there and arrive at Kikai at 4:30. In the morning. Heck, it'll be like I'm back at my night-shift job!

Praise God for His timing and His provision for my beloved while we are separated by distance but not in heart. May He bring me to her quickly!


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Rhology said...

Oh, great. Thanks for the ads, Mr. Spyware.

David Bryan said...

Ew...that stinks, man...the spyware, I mean...anyway, you comin' down to see us before you go?

"My wallet screams in agony. She turns her head, 'What was that?'
"'Nothing, baby.'
"'OK. What do you want?'
"'Um, an ice cube is fine for me.'"